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How Quality Aircraft Hangar Door Designs Keep you Flying Longer

Airplanes are built for the skies, but hangars serve as their home away from home. Before an airplane ever reaches cruising altitude, its hangar protects it from the elements to ensure it's fit to fly. Quickly entering and exiting these large buildings with an airplane is effortless when you have the right aircraft hydraulic hangar door design.

Aviation Door Stories

Hydraulic doors make parking an airplane as simple as pulling into a garage. With the push of a button, pilots are able to raise a one-piece hydraulic door quickly and smoothly. As easy as hydraulic doors are to operate, their real strength lies in their reliability. Whether you're a commercial pilot or a flying enthusiast, hydraulic doors add predictability to flying days - too bad the same can't be said of weather conditions!

What I appreciated most were the people at Schweiss - Brent and the gang and the engineering support. When it was shop drawing time, everybody was attentive - here's the load, what it is per square foot, here's the assembly, there +were some electrical changes that Schweiss recommended to the electrical engineer. It was a complete package, what I would term as turnkey. Which is important especially when you are guiding an electrical engineer that may be working on another project. It made it easier for him to do his job and he did it readily. Sometimes it ends up at the bottom of somebody's in-boxes. It was straightforward.

Robert Nalaboff
Goldens Bridge, NY


Compared to traditional aircraft hangar doors, hydraulically powered doors have far less moving parts, which means there are fewer components that can break or malfunction. Hydraulic motors are able to lift and lower even the heaviest hydraulic doors for the largest airplane hangars.

Nearly all hydraulic hangar doors utilize springs to create the force necessary to open and close, but only hydraulic doors use liquid to slow the spring down and prevent abrupt slamming. The hydraulic advantage lies in the fact that the liquid serves as a shock absorber. While there's not a lot of complexity to the design, hydraulics create smooth door functionality for decades.


There aren't many things larger than a hydraulic airplane hangar door, which means that lifting and lowering it is a challenge not to be taken lightly (both literally and figuratively). One difficulty to overcome is the fact that a large hydraulic door can put lots of stress on a building when it lifts upwards. Besides the hangar structure, the hydraulic door itself must withstand heavy stress forces in several directions as it moves.

Better, Stronger Cylinders only on Schweiss Hydraulic Doors

In order to compensate for extremely heavy loads, hydraulic doors feature clever engineering tricks. For example, Schweiss hydraulic doors utilize spherical bearings at each end of hydraulic cylinders, which ensure that stress is evenly distributed on the hydraulic door pins. This setup also allows hydraulic door cylinders and rods to remain straight, rather than bow under stress. Spherical bearings don't only make a hydraulic door more reliable, they make it safer to operate. Less stress on components lowers the odds of a structural failure.


A tried and true system is the best protection against a broken hydraulic door. One way to protect against breakdowns is by using standalone electric motors with safety compliant components. Companies such as Schweiss only utilize UL listed parts in electrical boxes to limit the impact of a malfunction. Should something go wrong, the parts in this control center can easily be replaced with common components on the market.

Another key to long-lasting door functionality is ease of maintenance. A filter indicator should clue you in as to when it's time for a replacement, and removing the filter should be easy without the risk of spilling oil. Adding oil to the motor should be just as effortless, so systems like those from Schweiss incorporate glass to make it easy to gauge oil levels before replacement.

In the unlikely event that a motor fails to work, it's important to have a backup plan. Power outages, for example, shouldn't leave your plane grounded in the hangar. Luckily, hydraulic systems feature DC battery backup to open and close the hydraulic door even when the electricity goes out. Schweiss incorporates DC power backup and several other backup options so pilots can take to the skies no matter the circumstances.


If the technology behind hydraulic hangar doors sounds complicated, just remember that we have the same passion for this type of engineering as you have for aviation. The Schweiss Doors team stops at nothing to continually improve upon hydraulic aircraft hangar door designs and provides the most reliable products on the market.

If you're interested in elevating your hangar's safety and reliability, contact our friendly team. We are excited to help get your project off the ground so you can store your plane without any headaches. Call us today!


Schweiss Doors of Fairfax, Minnesota has been setting records for years with its super-large series of quality manufactured Red Power Hydraulic door orders. A majority of these hydraulic doors are being installed at airports, military base locations agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings worldwide.

Big Hydraulic Doors are specially built Schweiss Tough.

We not only can build them BIG, up to 130 feet wide x 36 ft. tall and 8 tons big like we did for a New Jersey aviation company, but we build them any size and all are Schweiss Tough! Here are a few other examples of specially ordered Schweiss Tough, custom made, big hydraulic doors we've done:

Revier Feed Storage Bunker Hydraulic Doors

Tom Revier, owner of Revier Cattle Company in Olivia, MN needed a feed storage building for his 16,000 head beef operation. Filling a 220 ft. x 120 ft. steel and concrete bunker building called for tough Schweiss hydraulic doors to contain the weight of the grain pushing against it. Schweiss Doors built two 15' 6" x 15' custom made hydraulic doors for it positioned at each end. These 2,500 lb. doors were constructed with 3/4" steel welded into the framework of 8" beams and used oversized pistons to lift them. To make certain there would be zero leakage of grain, four 6" long steel pegs drop into the concrete footing and two steel pegs were place on each edge to lock into the steel I-beam framework of each door. Each Schweiss hydraulic door has a 54"x44" tall steel slider which lets the grain pour out for augering into feed trucks.

What I like best about the door is the automatic latching levers. They are very stout when you close the door. The construction of the Schweiss door is more durable than I expected. It appears the door was made to be of a high strength lifting ability. The door doesn't wobble, there's no movement on it, it comes up easy and it is firm. Even if it's windy out there's never any motion on the door; none whatsoever. If there is a light rain outside, when you lift open the bifold door you have a patio with a roof. We take the tables out there and enjoy watching planes on the field without getting wet.

Ron Sterba
Salem, Oregon

Farm/Trucking operation high
speed hydraulic doors

Most customers don't spend money on a hydraulic door just because it opens and closes fast. But that was a deciding factor for a Renville County, MN farm/truck operation that runs a fleet of over-the-road semi rigs. Terry Albright appreciated the 37-second opening speed on his big 3,800 lb. insulated Schweiss 42'x17' hydraulic door because when he's running rigs out of a heated shop in sub-zero windy Minnesota winter conditions he wants to keep his heating bills down and rigs on the road. Instead of fitting the hydraulic door with a standard 2 h.p. motor, Schweiss placed a wall-mounted pump with a 5 h.p. electric motor to easily lift the hydraulic door. The hydraulic door is also fitted with three high-intensity lighting fixtures fastened midway up the door for evening work convenience.

Classic Florida hangar home
has lifting wall/porch

It's a Schweiss "show piece" which has literally received television coverage on numerous occasions. What may be the coolest ever hangar home has a 45'x15' Schweiss hydraulic door sporting a wrap-around porch with decorator railing, table and chairs, a walk-through door with a stylish window and veranda roof. It's nearly impossible to tell it is a jazzed-up California hangar home. "If you have a dream about a special building, run it by the Schweiss team. They do great stuff with doors and they're easy to work with," commented owner Dan Shaw.

These are just some examples of skilled Schweiss Hydraulic Door engineering. These stories and more can be viewed full length on the Schweiss Doors "Must See Photos" website at www.bifold.com

Schweiss is a leading North American Hydraulic Door Manufacturer

When you mention "North America" many people are under the presumption that includes only the northern tier states of the United States. The actual definition of North America is the continent comprising the northern half of the American landmass, connected to South America by the Isthmus of Panama. It contains Canada, the U.S., Mexico, the countries of Central America and usually Greenland.

Designer Stucco Hydraulic Doors

Schweiss doors are a reliable and sturdy product and we like that they provide the ability to apply different finishes to customize them further. The white, lacey metal screen is reminiscent of ghosted brick and is supported by large wood columns that reveal themselves along the exterior façade. In addition to providing overhead weather protection during the day, lighting will be provided at night to create a lantern or beacon on the corner, allowing the screen to glow and cast a shadow onto the street.

Noelle Galicia
Seattle, Washington

That's exactly where you'll find Schweiss hydraulic doors located. Our hydraulic doors are sold all over North America and beyond for that matter. North Americans are particular about what they spend their money on, and they know that an investment in a low maintenance quality made Schweiss hydraulic door will pay off with benefits in the years to follow.

Whether it's a Schweiss hydraulic door used on a large corporate airport hangar in Mexico or Costa Rica or a hydraulic door as far north as Alaska, Canada or Greenland, Schweiss hydraulic doors stand up to the test of weather and constant use in all climates, hot or extremely cold, where winds are strong enough to blow a ship across the ocean in no time flat. Whether you need hydraulic or bifold doors for aircraft hangars, farm and ranch doors, industrial doors, crane doors, military doors, riding arena doors, hotel and restaurant doors, doors for commercial use, residential doors, boathouse doors, garage doors, patio and pool doors, designer doors or whatever. If you're in the market for a sturdy hydraulic one-piece door, or Schweiss's premier bifold liftstrap door, before you try the rest, check into the best. That can only mean a Schweiss Door, the door leader, no matter what country or continent you live in.

Schweiss Builds Residential Hydraulic Doors
For the Aircraft Hangars at Aero Country East

Aero East's pool features their logo, three swim-up tables, a large hot tub to fit 14 people, and umbrellas to provide shade. Schweiss was chosen to build custom-made residential hydraulic doors for the residents hangar homes. See how they add an elite touch to the community!

Aero Country East has pool for hangar home residents. gated airport leads to aircraft hangar homes

Inside the beautiful, gated airport sits swimming pools,
barbecue grills and two 18-hole golf courses.

I knew I wanted to do a big hangar door. I found Schweiss on the Internet and it seemed to work. We have four bars in the place; the hangar door and bar next to it are about the same size. We installed the door and that went okay. I'm pleased with the door and have been excited to see it used by people here.

Chris Horrigan
Brooklyn, NY


According to Aero Country East Developer and pilot Mike Shell, Texas has very few aviation lifestyle communities and likely none with the first-class atmosphere of Aero Country East.

The concept of airparks isn't anything new - they can be found all over the country and even the world. Aero Country East has taken the concept of airparks one step further. This community is an airpark that was designed by pilots and is located in the North Dallas Metroplex. They offer a maintenance-free aviation lifestyle community with relaxing country club level amenities.

Aero Country East is just 15 nautical miles northeast of the north Dallas area, and sits within the city limits of McKinney, Texas. It provides several pilots with the convenience of airport access - handy for those who commute in and out of Dallas.

The country club offers a total of 39 completely customizable elite townhomes on site. Buyers have the option to design the interior of their townhomes exactly to their liking.

After a long, hot Texas day, residents and their families can cool off in the beautiful pool which is noticeable by air with the large Aero Country East logo imprinted inside of it.

Pool Features include:

• Three swim-up tables inside the pool

• Umbrellas to provide shade

• A large 14 person hot tub

• Firepit & two barbecue grills

• Full ADA access accommodates those with disabilities


Owner Mike Shell wants to bring the best experience to pilots at Aero Country East.

"We have the best Rolls Royce engine mechanic in the world here…You also don't see very many airports with swimming pools, barbecue grills, golf carts and two 18-hole golf courses that residents can access by golf cart. Every airport has a mission and purpose that fits the needs of the pilot. Aero Country East has a concierge service

If you want your plane fueled or floor cleaned we will do that for you. We fit the aviation lifestyle,"

- Mike Shell, Developer at Aero Country East

Aero County East puts the community first. They often help boy scouts get their aviation badge, and encourage them to become future pilots. Committed to aviation, Shell's goal is to get more young people into aviation.

Aero County East is a busy place - it has two fly-ins a year, bringing pilots in from all directions.As for competition, Shell says: "Municipal airports are supported by tax revenue. They don't want Stearmans or Pipers, they are looking for corporate jets. We don't compete with these airports, we fill a need for people coming out to enjoy aviation. We get along nicely with the municipal airports around here."


A brand new 3,000 ft. x 60 ft. runway and 1,104 ft. grass runway equipped with LED windsocks accommodates various piston and turbine aircraft. If you make it to Aero Country East, keep an eye out for T-6 "Texans," Stearmans, Pipers and other varieties of aircraft landing on the runway. If you look closely, you'll also see that all of the gorgeous aircraft hangars are outfitted with Schweiss hydraulic doors!

79 top-notch hangars line the runway and await pilots with ample room for aircraft storage. 40 aircraft are currently housed in the Aero Country East hangars while the nearby west side airport houses an additional 120.

Red Power Pump featured on Schweiss Hydraulic Doors

All Hangars at Aero Country East feature Schweiss
Hydraulic Doors with the iconic Red Power Pump.

Shell originally came to discover Schweiss hydraulic hangar doors through his friend Dwayne Clemens at Stearman Field in Benton, Kansas. Once chosen for the job, Schweiss worked closely with Shell to design the ideal residential hydraulic doors for the aircraft hangars in the community. Shell saw firsthand what our customer service is all about:

"I've gotten calls from Schweiss Doors, they pay attention to detail. I've made mistakes when it comes to certain windows or measurements, etcetera, which the guys at the Schweiss factory have caught because they know what we are building now. They'll call me and say ‘Hey Mike, did you mean to do that, or do you really want to do this?' They have been a true joy to work with,"

Schweiss Hydraulic Door Details

• Schweiss hydraulic hangar doors meet architectural requirements for the hangars

• All of the hydraulic doors at Aero Country East are styled identically, adding uniformity to the complex

Townhome Details

• Townhomes are built around an all-steel 60 ft. x 60 ft. pre-plumbed hangar fitted completed with a Schweiss Hydraulic Door

• Hangar garages are outfitted with elevators and stairs to take residents to their comfortable townhomes

• Some residents choose to build in beautiful granite floors, bars, and other amenities for entertaining

• Hangars are fitted with electricity - one resident added a first-class kitchen and theater in their hangar!

• Corner lots can offer a spacious 160,000 sq. ft, while interior lots have a suitable 135,000 sq. ft.

Schweiss Hangar Home has custom floor and unique paint job

Custom floor and unique paint job suit this hangar.


Quite a bit of planning went into selecting the final location of Aero Country East. One concept that played into location planning was the fact that many small airports had closed or downsized for various reasons. Aero Country East found a way to provide a unique and privately owned, high-class aviation lifestyle community enabling it to thrive in the niche market.

Since the groundbreaking ribbon cutting ceremony on August 17, 2010, Aero Country East has taken large strides, but is only just getting started. A six-phase plan will add an additional 40,888 acres to the current 17,305 acres it stands on now. Improvements for the future include further landscape and stormwater improvements, and the addition of shops and restaurants.

For more information on Aero Country East, call them at (972) 854-2000. For Information on how our unique Schweiss Hydraulic Doors played an important role in securing these aviation hangars contact us today!

Owner's Hangar Home get personal touch

Owners personalize their hangars to fit their aviation dreams.

Schweiss hydraulic doors have large custom windows

Schweiss hydraulic doors are fitted with large custom windows, which allow for a lot of natural light to flow in.

constructin of large Hydraulic door

The construction phase of a hangar with a large Hydraulic Door.

Aero County East property, has hangar homes.

View of Aero Country East property.

60x60ft hangar with large Schweiss Doors

With enough room for planes, cars and even bars, what could you fit inside the 60 ft. x 60 ft hangar?

79 top-notch hangars with Schweiss Hydraulic Doors

Aero Country East currently has 79 top-notch 60' x 60' hangars, like this one with an added bar for entertaining.

Custom Schweiss hydraulic doors with added windows

Schweiss hydraulic doors can be custom built with additions like windows in any location and of any size

Schweiss Hydraulic Doors provides shade for the fron of the hangar

When in the open position, a Schweiss hydraulic door provides shade for the front of the hangar

only hydraulic doors can be installed at Aero Country East

Only hydraulic doors are allowed on Aero Country East hangars

Construction of Hangar Home with Schweiss Door

A new hangar and townhome under construction at Aero Country East