Bifold Doors

1 We are needing Schweiss pricing on some doors the one listed in a 65 x 17 on an endwall. I also need to quote 4 doors at 63 x 17, these will be in a sidewall. I also need 6 doors at 42 x 12, these will also be in a sidewall. Each door needs a walk door in it except for the 65 x 17. We would like a strap latch on each of the doors.

2 Can you put a walk door inside the bi-fold door? Also, what clearance do you need from the side walls for your bi-fold door?

3  Looking for a Residential Liftstrap Garage Door Bi-fold with lift so no mechanism inside on ceiling. 8000 ft elevation in NM Mountains so some snow and cold single digits not uncommon can go to -15 F. So want insulated and would like windows on upper half of door. 7 ft height and approx 16 ft maybe 17 ft width. Would give exact measurements if pricing fits my budget. Homeowner and could self install. What have you got? Would like to see some photos of installed doors like this and diagrams for installation etc. When open what would be snow load on door. Also, wind ratings of doors. Thanks. Gary

4 I need a price on a 46x12 Bi-fold door. Building is 50'x50'x16' 1:12 roof pitch

5 I have a potential client that we are looking at using a lift-strap bifold door approximately 30-35 feet wide and 10' tall with an applied wood finish. And another door 16' wide 8-10' tall with the same finish. I would like to know the ballpark price with install in Salt Lake City. I am also interested in opening speed and maintenance.

6 To Whom it May Concern, I would like to inquire as to whether your lift-strap bi-fold doors are able to have an integrated man door installed. I would also like to request 3D models of your products. Sincerely, Aaron Architectural Designer

7 Looking for quote on a lift-strap bi-fold door 45'x14' at the gable end of a Post/Frame building. Building height: top of floor to bottom of wood truss is 17' Building width is 50'