Foreign Doors

1 Do you install your products and have a representative in the UK (England)? If so I wish to discover which of your horizontal bifold systems is best for my garage. I've seen some of your amazing bifold and hydraulic doors in the UK, and I want one, or maybe two. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Kind regards.

2 Hello, I am working on a contract to deliver 100 retail shops built out of old shipping containers and I will like to request your very best prices. Client is an emerging sport betting company with an aggressive plan to deploy 5000 of these shops within 24 months. I believe this deal will give an opportunity to introduce your container door products in our market. We have access to containers, just need functional Schweiss doors that lock when not in use. I am located in Nigeria.

3 Hello I am building a hangar in Indiana soon and need prices on the bi-fold doors. 40ft and maybe the next two sizes bigger. I don't know if you make any size or if you have standard sizes. I am in South Korea at this time but just bought a house on an airstrip and building a hangar soon. The reason I did not give a phone number is 12 hour time difference and just have my cell with me. Please send me some prices , pictures and info as soon as you can. Thanks

4 Good day Is it possible that you can give me a quote to ship a bifold strap lift door with these specifications to South-Africa? 5meter high and 30mwide bifold door. Regards

5 do you have Schweiss door distributors/services in malaysia? (South East Asia)

6 We live in a windy area north of Tucson, AZ. We have replaced and upgraded the 16 ft. x 7 ft. garage door many times. Each time the door has fatigued over the years due to wind damage. Can your one piece hydraulic door be applied to this residential track home from 1995?

7 We are Doortech System (, the Philippine distributor of Raynor garage doors from USA ( We have an inquiry for 83.6'W x 17.7'H hydraulic or bifold hangar door with windload of 1.15 kpa. Please quote

8 We are an import company and construction company. We have bought your Schweiss Bi-fold doors through a broker and built them in our buildings for 2 times, and we spread the name of your "Bi-fold Doors" in Japan. Even now, many Japanese people has been interested in your products, but we could not contact the broker because she has been missing since 2 years ago. So we would like to deal with Schweiss Door company directly and we would like to resume the sales activities in Japan. After all, we would like to ask you the price of a Bi-Fold or One-Piece Hydro Door below. Thank you.