Hangar Information

1 We are a general contractor and we are bidding a Hanger job at The Pontotoc Mississippi Airport and they want prices for slider doors, but I don't want them to order sliders, on the T - Hanger 8 Bays and they also want an alternate price for Bi-Fold strap Doors on the 8 bays. Please send me info for a contact person and an email and I will contact them and send them the plans and specs.

2 I would like to get a quote for a 30 X 18 hydraulic door. I do not know what other hangar information  you need. So let me know and I can get it for you.

3 This would be for a bi-fold strap door for a hangar door in pole barn. What would the cost be and what type of additional support would it take. Door size would be 12' High and 33' wide. Paul

4 Hello, I am looking for quotes and hangar information on bifold and single piece hydraulic doors for a hangar. The door dimensions are 44' wide X 10' tall ( or whatever is necessary to reach 9' clear opening). Please also include a freight estimate from your nearest site to zip code 83861 St. Maries, ID Thank you, DJL

5 I am needing a quote and some hangar spec information on a 60'x12' bifold strap door.

6 Looking for a price on a and hangar information on a hydraulic door with 40 foot opening. The building is a hangar 60x60x16

7 We are in the initial stages of hangar estimating to build this summer and need some hangar information regarding you hydraulic hangar doors. I believe the door will be 40' wide and 10 to 12' high. at this time we need just a ball park cost for the bifold door to install on the hangar we plan to build. thank you Stephen Doughty Petersburg, MI

8 I need hangar information for a hydraulic 30' wide 10' high hangar door. This is a follow up to bid 82516 HP to Hansen Pole buildings. What are my options/price? Doug

9 Just completed my hangar. Looking for some hangar information regarding a price on your hydraulic  doors. My opening is 38ft x 15.5ft tall. Would need all the hardware including motor. Thanks. Dave.

10 Looking for pricing on a 42' wide x 12' tall hydraulic door for an airplane hanger located in Wooster, Ohio. Please send me hangar door information for this.

11 I need some Schweiss hangar information. I'm looking at two doors 44' with 16' tall and a 40' door 16' tall i would like to have prices for the bifold and hydralic swing thanks Steve

12 If I have 12' walls in my hangar and want to install a bi-fold or maybe a one piece door but I need hangar information to know how much will it decrease the opening height? The open is 12'x 12'. I need to have at least a 10'6" height opening. Thanks. Bob

13 Please quote on hangar information for  2 style of hanger doors, the costumer has asked for horizontal hydraulic door 36W x10H. I am recommending a hydraulic door. The building will be installed on a 40 x60x12 H pre eng. Building. Optional Wood construction. Location is 14 miles west of Thunder Bay, Ont. Single phase power is available. Please include Freight to site. Regards Bronko Stosic

14 Hi, Can you please email me some photos and hangar information showing the concrete slope leading out of the hangar in the area of the hydraulic door/door frame/door frame side rails? Getting ready to pour concrete for my door and want to follow the Schweiss hydraulic door specs. Thanks, Jeff

15 I'm in the process of specking a hangar with a requirement for a 40X12 clear opening when open and would like your price for hangar information on  a hydraulicly operated door.

16 Could you provide hangar loading information and shop drawing for a 46'-8" wide hydraulic hangar door with a 20' clear opening? We have steel tubes at the jamb conditions and steel I-beam at the head but no space for any lateral support behind - we'd like to get our structural engineer started on the framing required. Regards,

17 Looking to build a hanger in the next 8 mo. Thinking I would need a 44' wide hydraulic door. Not sure about height but will need as much hangar information you can give me.. Thanks, Jim

18 Need hangar information on a 45' wide hydraulic door for an seaplane hangar. Hangar interior height is 14'. Would like 12' clearance.

19 Need pricing and hangar information for 3 door frames, I have an picture from an architect for design intent but I am not able to paste it in this text box.

20 To whom it may concern, I need some hangar advice. I bought one of your hydraulic hangar doors about 6 years ago for my home. I have not done any inspection or maintenance to it since. I would guess I open and close it about a 100 times a year. How often should I have a maintenance check? And what kind of check, ie motor? And finally if I do need something, do you have any recommendations in the Chicagoland area? 

21 We bought a hangar at Pearland Regional Airport that had a Schweiss hydraulic door. We are interested in hangar information to add a remote control to the door. I have reviewed the wiring instructions and I am confident I can handle it myself. Where can I buy the remote shown in your literature?

22 We have an 85' x 21' sliding double door setup on our hangar and we could use some hangar information to replace it with a hydraulic Schweiss hangar low maintenance door. Also, the door is not going up evenly so I'm hoping your door style can alleviate this problem.. Can you help me locate someone to come look at it?

23 Please send pricing and hangar information for ten bi-fold hanger doors 43'-6" wide. The overhead clearance needs to be 12'-0" Thank you!

24 I have a project I need hangar door information and  pricing for in the Dallas, Tx area. What I need are upward lifting hydraulic operated aluminum frame door and glazing. The size of 34'6"w x 16'3"h and need to have 4 of these standing side by side. My customer is ready to move on this yesterday.

25 Looking for some hangar door information for a 20 x 16 hydraulic door what would cost be?

26 Request more hangar info including cost for both hydraulic and bifold doors, for a planned 32'x50'x12' shop in bastrop, texas. 30'x12' opening. would also like to examine installed doors in or near bastrop, austin, or houston texas. thank you

27 I have a single hydrualic door on my aircraft hanger and am asking Schweiss Doors for some additional hangar information. My hydraulic door has the typical up/down button to raise and lower the door from inside the hanger. I'd like to get a price on your kit to add vehicle remote control openers to the existing standard setup and what your kit comes with.

28 I have a 40 x 30 private hangar built in 1978 with sliding doors. The wooden header is sagging making it extremely difficult to open the 2 sliding doors. The opening is 40' wide x 10' tall. I need hangar information on prices and installation in the Portland, OR area. Thank you. Mark

29 Developing a plan to build a 60X60 aircraft hangar and looking for hangar information to understand the door cost. Will need to clear 15 feet. Width could be 46 to 50 feet. Basic hydraulic hangar door at this time. Likely will insulate longer term, but would not be insulated initially. Thanks, Tom

30 Hello There, We need a customized hangar information solution for an aircraft hanger. Please send us your brochure for an automated door for a Boeing 787 hangar door. Thanks and best regards. 

31 The header in my door is a 24 inch steel I beam. I need to get 14 feet 6 inches height with a hydraulic Canadian hangar door to get my plane inside. Is it possible to get the door flush with the bottom of the header beam? I need this hangar information as soon as possible. Thanks John

32 Hello There, We need a customized hangar information solutions for an aircraft hanger. Please send us your brochure for an automated door for a Boeing 787 hangar door. Thanks and best regards. Dr. Bolaji Taiwo

33 Hello: Regarding hangar information,  the project at Morris IL airport is to confirm, the hanger opening is designed as 26' high and 74' wide. Plus, the door is to be strap lift, with automatic side latches & remote-control openers, and with 4 windows installed in the door. If you need additional hangar information please ask. Thank you.

34 I would like to obtain pricing information on a remote control kit to remotely open/close a bifold hanger door that is currently about 12 years old, T-hanger about 44' wide, currently uses a cable system and two manual locks (one on each side). What hangar information should I forward to you for your hydraulic door. Thank you.

35 Bidding on a new airport hanger in Humboldt, TN. Do you have a local rep I can contact for hydraulic hangar door information and hangar door prices?

36 Sirs: Plan to build Pole Bldg. type hangar w/concrete floor, and looking into your hydraulic door, but need a lot of hangar door information. 1. Need 40'horz.clear; 12'vert. clear; door to be face finish with outside wall flush inline with door sheeting to endwall sheeting. 2. What is the opening I need from the Pole Bldg. endwall for this to fit. If it works out, I will need some specifics as how to construct the header, and columns. 3. I am looking at the endwall to be 42' out to out, and whatever heighth is needed for your door. 4. Could you give me an estimated cost for hydraulic door. 5. Could you give me an estimated for a bifold door. 6. How is the outside sheeting logistic handled. Do I buy that to match the hangar sheeting, and install it on your door. 7. Where does your door come from; shipping cost; do you unload it. 8. What kind of assembling do I have to do. 9. Do you put insulation on it or do I do that. Look forward to hearing from you, Many thanks, Milledge

37 I would like to obtain hangar pricing information on a remote control kit to remotely open/close a bifold hanger door that is currently about 12 years old, T-hanger about 44' wide, currently uses a cable system and two manual locks (one on each side). Thank you.

38 Dear Sir or Madame, Is it possible to get your hydraulic hangar door also in europe / germany. Im impressed by your system and would like to have such a door for my little hangar and am wondering what hangar information you might need to expedite this private hangar. best regards Robert

39 I am looking for a 60-75' hangar door I can put windows in and possibly have architectural panels instead of R panel. Could you supply me with hangar information to support a door of this size..

40 I am building a Hangar  and need some hangar door  information for a client who is interested in a Hydrolic non folding door. the opening will be concrete and concrete block and is 51' wide by 13'8" tall.

41 I am looking for a 45W X 15H door, I need hangar information and engineering data for the building manufacture so they can design the hangar type building structure to the door requirements. Also I am requesting a quote for this door

42 Can you give me detailed hangar door information and a price on a 50ft. Bifold door. On a 60x84x15.4 clearly hanger.