Hangar Doors

1 Hi I'm in the process of upgrading my aviation maintenance business hangar. Hangar designs are as follows, 25 meters wide by 30 meters long with 6 meter high doors. Could you please provide a quote to supply plans for both a Schweiss Bi fold business hangar door 25 meters wide by 6 meters high, and a Hydraulic maintenance hangar door with associated hydraulic system to suit. Regards

2 Hello, Someone Please contact who specializes in Hangar Doors or Aircraft Hangar Doors. Call with any questions.

3 About a year ago, I was taking a tour at Kennedy Space Center and I noticed the Schweiss Door on the SpacEx Hangar. Because there were several pilots in our group, I pointed out the Schweiss door, noting it's almost 70' height. Everyone was pretty impressed. I am very interested in getting a bifold door on one of my hangers. Please email me so I can get a quote. Thanks, Frank

4 I am building a few hangers that need doors. I have been using Diamond but a few customers like the idea of straps rather than cable. Pleas price me a door 58x 16'6" high opening. Will be installed at Cooking Lake airport (Edmonton ) Alan

5 I need a price on a 12 X 40 hydraulic Hangar door. I would like a quote on a 12 X 42 foot hydraulic hangar door. Could you please quote me prices on these doors. Thank You. Grant