Schweiss Doors - Hydraulic Doors for Agriculture Machine Sheds

1 Don't require a phone call but it wouldn't hurt either. Needing a quote and timeframe for install on a bifold for a machinery storage shed. I need an installer too as I'm busy farming and won't have time. Thank you.

2 I'm planning to put up a 80' by 200' machine shed this year. I want a 40' by 18' Hydraulic door on each end wall so I'll have drive-thru capabilities. Do your doors come self supported or is that an option. I'm in NE Montana 1 hour Northwest of Williston, ND.

3 I plan on building a machine shed that has a door on either non-loadbearing end. These ends would be about 30ft wide by 14ft high. I am open to only your Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors. But they need to be able to accommodate large machines and safety measures and hydraulic backup systems are appreciated. I would like the estimates of any doors that fit the bill. I would like to have a Schweiss Doors catalog if available. 

4 I have a 45' Schweiss bi-fold shop door. It works great. I'm ready now to order another door exactly the same way for a steel farm machine shed door but I want this one to be a one piece hydraulic machine shed door that is 60' wide x 18' tall, with a walk door..

5 I ordered a Schweiss hydraulic door a few days ago but we decided to think ahead and enlarge the width and height by two feet to accommodate possible larger farm machinery in the future. A revised shop door quote will be great. Thanks!!

6 I am looking for a hydraulic Schweiss door for a machine shed. The opening is 18' high and 46' wide. It has a glulam header that is 5 1/8" by 30". The shed roof trusses run perpendicular to the header and tie into the larger shed. Should I need to beef up the header more to accept my big  machine shed door?

7 I am interested in replacing my roll up door with a Schweiss hydraulic door. Could you provide me with a estimate of the door parts cost and instructions to retrofit the machine shed door. 

8 Planning for a new farm machine shed door next year. Building construction is currently unknown with respect to steel or wood framed building. Current plan is for a 60x120 building with approximately half (50'x60') an insulated shop door  with either a hydraulic swing door or bifold liftstrap door 18' high by 38 wide. The equipment doors will be on the sidewall of the building. The shop door will have an apron in front of the door. I like the seal and shade offered by a hydraulic swing door, but also like Schweiss bifold strap doors due to heavy winter snow fall, building strength and swing out distance. A lot of work gets done outside the shop door on the apron. I think a Schweiss hydraulic door would work better. I am at the stage where I could design the building around whatever Schweiss door I choose. 

9 Can you tell me how to adjust your Top Limit door  switch setting for a Schweiss bifold hangar door which is 18' high but which I set to stop at 14'. I now need to get it to open to maximum height. Also interested in getting a 36'x18' hydraulic one piece ranch door on my machine shed.

10 Please provide a quote on a 18' x 58' one piece Schweiss hydraulic machine shed door. Include one entry door and four windows. Back up door  system and photo eyes.

11 We have Schweiss farm shop hydraulic doors and now would like to order a big hydraulic machine shed door. Quote a 52x22 ft. steel door with remote opener and walk door. 

12 I have a 60 x 80 pipe pole/steel truss building that needs steel entry machine shed doors. 30 wide x 19 tall openings at each end and staggered to the outside. I want Schweiss hydraulic windloaded hurricane strength doors. How much wind can they withstand when open? It is open most of time and built on dirt not slab. I only need 17.5 ft. 

13 We have a 40 by 18 Schweiss bifold door. I would now like to order the same size door for my other machine shed, but I want this door to be a hydraulic one piece door with a walk door. This machine shed hydraulic door goes to the same rural Iowa farm site.

14 Asking for a 70 x 17 hydraulic Schweiss engineered ag door. Would a custom door 73' 4" x 19 cost much more? Thinking ahead, I'd like the larger door for future bigger farm machinery equipment.

15 Have a need for a 60 foot hydraulic machine shed door. I would like to put on auto remote control and  locks on it. Cost and availablity?

16 50 x 17 hydraulic machine shed door in a 50 x 90 x 18  pole barn building. End wall for door is open now. Concrete poured 6 weeks ago. Would like  price to include walk doors, windows, remote door opener. Completion before spring thaw.

17 I have a door customer with a 60' x 18' Bi-Fold door (from a different company) with bad cables. He wants to retrofit door over to a Schweiss hydraulic machine shed door.  

18 I need red steel building doors with a opening of 70' wide by 28' tall, the face of the machine shed building is 75' wide. I am looking for a hydraulic door solution to put a Schweiss one piece door on this opening.

19 Can you give me price and availability on a 60' bifold door or one piece hydraulic machine shed door. Liftstrap door, remotes, two walk doors.

20 Saw Schweiss Doors at Dakota fest. Could we make the hydraulic machine shed door higher? Planning on bigger farm shop door for new combine. Also still want two walk doors.

21 My machine shed will be built and in need of two large steel doors next month. Door sizes: 58' x 22'. Hydraulic door design with Schweiss   remote openers. Extra handheld remotes, farmsite door installation.

22 I'm erecting a 16H x 60 x 96 steel machine shed. I need quote for a hydraulic power door, and a hydraulic steel machine shed door to compare. The opening is 16 feet high x 44 feet wide. Bid both complete with lifting/opening equipment and remote controls.

23 I purchased a 40' Schweiss bifold door from you in 1995 which I really like. This time around I'd like to order a hydraulic door for my new machine shed. I believe this will also give me a faster opening door. Please send door installation instructions.       

24 I am building a 100 ft X 300 ft machine shed, storage shed. One door is 50 X 18 the other 3 are 26 X 18. Would you be interested in giving me a quote on these hydraulic Schweiss doors?

25 I need a price on a 42ft wide x 14ft high Schweiss hydraulic door on a PEMB 60 x 50 x 20 Shed in CA. Electric Hydraulic operation and Window Line

26 I would like quotes on a 60 x 18 machine shed door and 65 x 14,  Hydraulic and Lift Strap Bifold models.


28 I am building a hangar/machine shed on my farm. I would like to have a 40' wide x 12' high (when opened) hydraulic door with a remote opener and two backup systems. When you come out to do the install at my neighbors hangar, could you stop by and measure my door up for me? My building contractor will be here and wants to ask some questions of you also.

29 Love your hydraulic door. Send me out another to put on the sidewall of my machine shed. The size we talked about earlier. Make this one without a walk door.

30 Looking for some Schweiss Doors info on a 30'x 16' hydraulic and/or bi-fold door for farm equipment Building is a steel frame 90 x 180 x 18' walls. I'm just quoting right now. The job site is in Oak Park, MN 

31 This customer is from the Atwater, MN area. The steel building farm door may end up to be 38' wide but quote them 40' to be safe. I would need both the Hydraulic and the Bifold (with straps) quoted with locking systems. Non-Insulated I will provide the door panels and flashings but need you to install them. Customer is really sold on your quality doors. Thank You.

32 We are going to be providing a customer with a very large door. We haven't done these in the past so we are looking around to see what our customers best bet is. Please provide a hydraulic one piece Schweiss Doors quote for the below specs. Let me know if you need any more detail from me. Thanks! 40X24 door Not an existing opening, contractor is doing the steel building Large local farmer and wants an opening large enough for combines. Heated space so doors will need to be insulated Wants brochures on the door options

33 Considering putting up a new machine shed on farm this year, saw your ad. Looking for options, sizes and pricing on two large hydraulic doors. thanks

34 Looking for specs and pricing for a 44x18 Hydraulic Schweiss Machine Shed Door equipped with your new power pump, big cylinders and spherical bearings.

35 I am dividing a machine shed shop the opening I have is 13x26 and need all the height. I have about 15" above that. Is it possible to put in a bi fold or should I be looking at a one piece Schweiss hydraulic door?

36  I am in the beginning stages of planning to build a new shop for our farm. I know that I want to be able to drive all of our equipment in; that includes an R-72 combine with a 30ft header. I am looking for a ballpark quote; nothing definitive. As I get closer to building we can work out the details. I'm kinda planning on putting in a bigger hydraulic door than I need now, so if I get bigger equipment in the future I'm set. Will your bifold straplifts handle real big doors, or should I be only considering a hydraulic door instead. You guys are the experts, give me your thoughts.

37 I am modifying an existing steel machine shed building (40x56) into an aircraft hangar and would like to install a 40x12 or 40x14 hydraulic door on the side. If you could please provide a quote for both door sizes. 

38 Looking for a hydraulic Schweiss door for machine shed to replace sliders for 16x24 opening. This is an older shed which was painted in red years ago (now faded). I would like the exterior of the door to match the shed. Can I send you a sample piece so you can match the color or look?

39 I am a general contractor bidding on a machine shed door project located in Farmland, Indiana on 12-20-12 which has your hydraulic doors specified on it. I would like to get a turn key installed quote on this from your representatives. 

40 I was wondering about an insulated hydraulic door,  price on a 18x60 ft. door for my machine shed. Give me a separate price on walk door and remotes please. I prefer e-mail. 

41 Would like a quote for a 55x20 and 50x20 Schweiss hydraulic door to go on my machine shed at the ranch. I'm gonna want a walk thru door on the right side. Two windows, insulated.       

42 I'm quoting on a project in West Virginia. I need a price on a hydraulic large equipment door, the door must be centered in the end wall of the building that is 100' wide. The required door size is 80' wide x 28' high with walk door, these are required measurement. This project bids on Tuesday. 

43 I am in the process of designing a farm shop in Saskatchewan, Canada and I found your website. The Schweiss hydraulic doors are of interest. We are a large grain farm - 36 foot headers, Large John Deere combines - 9860's. So I need a large door, width and height. I was thinking about 50 ft x 16 ft, it must be able to be insulated - winter can get to -40 Celcius. Do you think this height is adequate for the next generation of farm equipment? How high do the side walls have to be a accommodate this hydraulic door size. Estimated cost of the door, delivered to Saskatchewan, Canada.

44 I need a quote on a door for a machine shed I am selling. I have used Hydro door from another company before but thought I would try something more reliable and powerful like your Schweiss  hydraulic door. What I need is a 34' wide 18' clear opening that is going in the endwall of a Steel farm building.

45 I am interested in a 50' wide by 16' high hydraulic machinery shed door. The door must be self supporting. My opening is 15' high and 58' wide. The door will be installed in a wood frame building with sheet steel siding and a concrete floor. Please give me your options and pricing to include a walk through door with windows to Okolona, Ms.

46 Please provide a quote for a 65'x 18" clear one piece hydraulic pump machine shed door going to Henderson KY. I have attached the door specs. I didn't know what is normally provided. You will note that it is calling for a 3x7 entry door, remote operators, photo eye sensors and a representative to be there through the entire installation. Please let me know if you do not provide any of these and I will qualify it on my quote.

47 I was browsing your Schweiss Doors website and was curious if you have a dealer in Canada. I have a client who is looking for a 60'w x 20'h one piece hydraulic door and he wants it to have your new hydraulic pump on it and a walk thru door with a window in it. The hydraulic door should also have three windows in it low enough to be able to look outside for any obstructions prior to opening. The building is a 68 x 150. Curvet made in Manitoba Canada. The building will be built on top a 4 ft high concrete wall. The use of this building is for large farm equipment and storage.

48 I have a 30' wide by 16' tall opening with sliding doors on existing machine shed. Have 2 questions. How well do your doors retrofit and hold up under wind gusts? What would a Hydraulic door or the Bi-Fold door with lift straps cost, installed? How much extra for a walk thru door?

49 I'm building for storage of farm machinery, need maximum clearance on 40x16 ft Schweiss hydraulic door. Windows, locking walk door and extra remote.

50 I need a quote for a 48'x16' Schweiss hydraulic door for my machine shed in northern Montana. Needs to be well insulated. I'm a pretty busy rancher, so I would like to have your Schweiss crew do the install. This has to be a quiet running, fast opening/closing door, so put your fastest pump on it. 

51 I'm in a rush to get a Schweiss hydraulic door  on my machine shed before summer sets in. What additional information will you need from me to get this rolling?


53 Will you have a booth at the Red Deer farm show in early November? Thinking of building a Machine shop with a hydraulic door on the one end wall, could you give me an estimate landed on site? end wall 58' wide X 20' high with an door opening of 56' wide X 20' high a hydraulic door with a 36" walk in door at left end, then about 6 windows 24" x 48" placed evenly across the rest of door up 4' from ground, nothing fancy double pain, nor do I need a insulated door. This should still leave me 18' of clearance, right? Will this door be inside the door opening or on the outside overlaping the exterior wall? 


55 I would like to price a 40'X16' and a 30'X16' hydraulic door. My machine shed will be 54' wide with 18' sidewalls. I can't afford to lose anymore than five inches headroom because I have some big machinery to move in and out. Also need two remotes for each door and good insulation.

56 What would a 32X16 door cost? Not sure yet if hydraulic or bifold is the best option for me. This is for a farm shop. My machinery fits in the building fine now, but wondering if I upgrade to a larger combine if I will need the extra headroom. So I leaning toward a hydraulic Red Power door at this time. How much more headroom will the hydraulic door give me over a bifold?

57 I am working on a price for a machine shed with a work shop on one end. I'm wanting a hydraulic lift door, well insulated and with a man door. Tell me what you need for measurements, etc. I'd like this door installed by Schweiss before August if at all possible. I live in southern Montana.

58 Need a Door on Farm Machine Shed approx 14 feet 9 inches by 42' - can't lose any height so it looks like your hydraulic model will work best for us.

59 I need a hydraulic door price for a door with a clear opening of 34' wide x 18 ft. high. This is for a farm shop (maybe you call it a machine shop) for large farming equipment, combines, tractors, etc. Will need a free standing header and walk thru door.

60 Looking for price for 38' x 16' hydraulic door for farm shop metal building application. Would like you to add a walk through locking door with remote opener which has two handheld controls so I can close and open it from my tractor. The only way to go!

61 This is an existing pole barn, 40X60. Would like to put hydraulic door on gabled end to get my new and bigger farm machinery in. What size header is required, 2X10,2X12 ect? How much shipping could I save on factory pickup? Shipping weight? R factor on typical hydraulic door? 

62 Looking to put hydraulic doors on a lean to type shed that has 13 open bays between support columns. It's a wood shed, does that pose any special treatment? 

63 We are interested in 1 - 28 High x 80 Wide hydraulic door. 2- 28H x 30W hydraulic doors. 6- 28H x 24W hydraulic doors. Please price horn and lights separately. These are all ranch machine shed doors for installation by Schweiss in Montana. Please email me with your questions.  

64 I need a quote on two hydraulic doors. Each door to have pedestrian doors. Doors to be located in endwalls of our machine shed building. Please include installation labor. Please fax hydraulic door design information so we can send to metal building supplier. The first door we need is a 80'x17' clear and the second is a 60'x14' clear.

65 I need a price for a 54' wide x 12' tall hydraulic  door for machine shop on the farm. I'd like to have at least one walk thru door, backup system and insulation.

66 I was told the door could be installed on the outside of the building so we would not loose any over head space, But the shop would still be rodent proof. The measurements provided below are the exact opening and we can not have the hydraulic door any lower than 14'7" (height of combine). If the hydraulic door would give me better head clearance tell me what the difference would be.  

67 Looking for heavy duty hydraulic doors with opener for the end wall on my steel machine shed. Wind wrecked the existing "Brand Z" doors. Your Schweiss Door factory is only about 60 miles from me in southern Minnesota. I see a lot of your doors on other farmers buildings and they stand up well.

68 I'm pricing out a 80x200-20' tall 2x6 stud building. The customer is looking for a 50' wide hydraulic door to take his combines in and out. Can you get me a price on this. The job will be in Minnesota. Will standard hydraulic motors be big enough to lift this big door, or should I be looking at ordering an additional motor? I am in the estimating stage now and need an idea of price for door, delivery and installation. Thank you

69 I am interested in your new hydraulic pump doors and would like to obtain a quote. This will be on a machine shed for storing equipment that was built in the late 70s or early 80s at another farm. The building is of wood construction with steel sheeting. The door opening is 28' wide x 16' high. I would like it flush mounted, white with red trim, and insulated if you do that as well. If possible, could you please email me any documentation/figures for the new hydraulic door as well. Regards, Biff

70 Looking to price a Schweiss hydraulic door for a 60ft X 18ft opening on a farm machine shed.  Extra remote control, insulated.

71 Interested in a machine shed door replacement (hydraulic and /or lift strap bifold, to replace old sliding doors which ice up after every snow storm. I want the door to do the work, not me and my tired old back. What information do you need from me other than size of opening?

72 Need pricing on three 30' wide hydraulic doors w/ 18' clearance. Two endwall machine shed doors and one sidewall door. Remote openers for all doors. Strong steel frame. Want spherical bearing doors with your fast opening hydraulic pump. Windows on all doors.

73 I need an estimated price of 60'x 20' machine shed door, Schweiss hydraulic, with fast lift. Insulated and installed ag use door by you in Tennessee.  

74 My father bought a 32 ft bifold shop door from you 25 years ago. It is the kind that lifts with cables. I would like to retrofit it to your liftstrap door system. Can you send a kit? Door still works OK, so no big hurry. Might also be interested in your hydraulic door for fast lifting door for our new machine shed this summer.

75 What's is the cost of a 50x16 Schweiss hydraulic-powered door? And also a 60 foot insulated farm machine shed door.

76 I have a 30 x 60 metal shed that I want to modify and add a sidewall one piece door to so I can access better and put my farm machinery inside easier. Door will be approx 32 ft wide by 24 ft tall. Looking for Schweiss hydraulic lifting door and info on what I need to do to make it work on existing building. I can send pictures of building. 

77 I have an existing machine shed with a 10ft x 14ft door opening. It currently has a pair of old sliding doors I would like to replace with one Schweiss hydraulic door. I need to preserve as much headroom as possible.

78 I would like a quote for 44 ft. wide by 14 ft high hydraulic door. Please let me know what kind framing I will need for supporting the door. My machine shed will be built with 6x6 wooden post. The shed will 50 X 70 with Hydraulic door being on the 50ft wide side. What is the lead time for receiving a door after ordering. Please also include the shipping cost to NC 

79 Please quote us: (5) 70'X 20' hydraulic spherical bearing machine shop doors delivered to Zip 97211 with remote option cost for windows

80 Good morning! I have a customer who is interested in (2) 50' w x 24' h Schweiss hydraulic one-piece machine shed doors on each of his farms. Please provide price and shipping to 21741. Also, please send installation instructions and if I need to provide metal skin on door. We have to bid complete turn key. Thank you, Fred

81 Looking for quote on a 72' wide x 24' high Schweiss hydraulic door clear opening. Wood framed machine shed structure. Include windows and walk door and a backup system.  Shipped to ID.

82 Quote on 15 by 60 hydraulic door for a machine shed. We live in a hot climate and really like the fact that when open your Schweiss hydraulic door it provides shade and shelter from rain when we are outside working on our tractors and machinery.

83 My contractor will be starting my 60x64 machine shed building extension. I'd like info on your doors and nearest dealer in IL. At this point I think I am most interested in your Schweiss one-piece hydraulic doors.  Jim

84 Need 3 no fold one piece Schweiss hydraulic  door quotes, Sizes are 31'6"w x 10'4"h 33'0"w x 9'2"h 37'0"w x 10'3"h. These are all going on the farm on my machinery shed and farm shop. Would like remotes for all three doors. Can one remote be programmed to open each door?

85 Need a price on a 58'x 16'3" hydraulic door for a new machine shed which should be completed by early spring or late winter. Should be insulated with entry door.

86 I need a price on a hydraulic machine shed door the opening is 56 x 12 ready to install with hyd pump and cylinders no sheeting. Please price upgrades of horn and lights separately. I'll do the install.

87 Quoting a machine shed building that required one 86' wide x 22'6" tall and one 65'wide x 17'tall hydraulic doors. Wind speed is 140 MPH Exposure C. Will Hydraulic doors work best for this, or do you recommend a Schweiss Bifold Door.

88 We are looking at remodeling an existing machine shed for repairing farm equipment. We are looking at a door 20' wide and 12' tall and were considering a large hydraulic Red Power pump powered door. Thanks.

89 I would like to know the price for a 24 ft wide by 14ft high powerful, but quiet and smooth running one-piece hydraulic door for my machine shed.

90 We are building a farm shop for our larger ag equipment and I would like to price a hydraulic one-piece swing door for a 30 foot wide by 16 foot tall opening. Also please tell me about safety and money-saving features.

91 Looking for a quote on a 60 foot and a 40 foot wide hydraulic lift door for my machine shed. I want your fastest hydraulic pumps on this door for the best lift possible. 18 feet high. I don't think anyone makes a door with the quality Schweiss Doors puts into your product. 

92 Outfitting an new shed and I need a quote on an insulated hydraulic lift door with Red Power motor -- 16 feet tall and 32 feet wide. Also, can you recommend someone who can install the Schweiss door in Fonda, IA?

93 Could I please get a quote for a 20'-0 X 20'-0 Schweiss Bi-fold with straps and a hydraulic lift  powered door with your new Red Power pump. This will be for a machine shed.

94 I need a quote on a 24x16 hydraulic lift swinging door. Also I was wondering if you could fax or email the door opening requirements and all of the technical information (Schweiss Red Power System, deflections,weights panel lengths required) for this machine shed door. Thanks

95 I am currently bidding on a project for a local farmer. He is looking at the an 80' x 100' maintenance building for equipment. There is a total of six hydraulic lift doors, three on each sidewall. Per side I need (2) 20'w x 16'h, and (1) 30'w x 16'h, for a total of (4) 20'w x 16'h and (2) 30'w x 16'h. He wants your Schweiss Doors Red Power backup system which he saw on another Michigan farmers machine shed building. Thanks,

96 would like an estimated cost for Schweiss hydraulic lift door for new machine shed, possible two doors want opening 12x40and 12x30. On the 40' I need 2 windows and Red Power back up system. Thank you

97 Looking what it will cost to replace old sliding doors on a 30 yr old machine shed with some type of Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. I believe the door size is 27x 14. Is it possibe to be put on a older builing like this or do you think I need a free standing header. Tell me about your new Red Power hydraulics, are they just used to lift heavy doors or do you recommend for all applications.

98 Looking into the possibility of installing a Schweiss hydraulic lift door in a machine shop. The construction is simular to a pole building. Please price your new Red Power System for me.

99 Jeremy, I forgot to mention the Schweiss Red Power unit and remote for the hydraulic lift door for my machine shed I ordered. Those would be options I would like too. Thanks.

100 I would like to get a price on both hydraulic lift doors to fit a 36 ft wide opening by 14 ft tall and a 54 wide by 14 ft. Both will be mounted on a steel 70' x 50' Machine shed. Need a walk through man door for the 54' door. Both doors will need your new Red Power System motors (pumps).        

101 I need a quote for a salt shed for a local road maintance shed, do not know which door would be better, but am thinking it will probably be your Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power pump. please advice.the bottom of the door will be 6\" off the concrete floor

102 I am quoting a project where the customer in Alberta Canada would like to have a 32 foot wide opening by 16 foot height.The door opening is on the gable end of a 80' x 200' x 20' machine shed. We are putting overhead doors in the other gable end. Let me know if you are interested in quoting me a hydraulic lift door with Red Power System.

103 I am getting ready to build a machine shed, and was thinking about different door styles.It may not be till I actually build the shop in one end, but a quote for a hydraulic lift Red Power Schweiss door now would be great.

104 Shed is 42 feet wide, 60 feet long. Schweiss Hydraulic lift door would be in the end, in the middle, no over hang. It could use a 24\" door height above opening. Want remotes for the swing door and Red Power Electrical System also.

105 I would like to get a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic lift-Red power door for a machine shop with an opening of 18'High X 40'wide.

106 I am interested in getting a price quote on 2 approximately 7X7 Schweiss hydraulic lift exterior garage style doors with Red Power Electrical System for a machine shed. color preference white. thanks.

107 There are 2 doors both are high clear electrically operated Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. One is 36'wide x 16\"high. And the other is 26'wide x 16' high. Both are on same end wall. Project is for a snow equipment storage building. We want your best Red Power hydraulic motors for fast lift.

108 What is the approximate price of a 20 ft wide x 12 hi bifold vs hydraulic door (with Red Power back up system) delivered to the above address in Fredricksberg, Texas. Building is being used for large ag farm machinery storage. Thank you

109 Would like a price quote for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for existing building. Opening is on the interior of a wood frame machine shed so head room is limited to 16' truss height. Red Power hydraulic pumps for best and fastes lift. Customer to install. Thank you


111 Please price 34x16 Hydraulic Lift one piece door with 16' Clear. Please price a free standing header and labor to install door separately. Want Schweiss Red Power options. For machine shed. Thank you.

112   I would like to get a price on a 40w x 24h hydraulic lift door for my post-frame storage shed. Will want Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps. I want the best lift possible even if I don't need it.

113 The customer is looking for a hydraulic lift Schweiss door with a clear height opening of 18 feet. Estimated that the door opening would need to be 22 feet in order to achieve this. Please verify for us. Customer wants the Red Power hydraulic pumps. This is for a machine shed.

114 This is going on an old farm machine shed. It is wood studs with metal siding. We have to open the existing opening to the full width of the building so it can now accomodate a small airplane. I think a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power backup system might work the best. I would appreciate your opinion. The measurements I'm submitting are approximate but should be close.

115 We have a need for 28 doors to replace existing for street car repair/maintenance facilities. We have a budget to work to and would like to explore hydraulic lift Schweiss one piece doors as an option. The door openings are approximately 12 feet wide by 16 feet high.We want long-lasting Red Power hydraulic motors for these doors.

116 What is the time frame from fully closed to fully opened? How much faster and how much more lifting power do your Red Power hydraulic pumps have- Also want a quote for a 12' X 12' one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a machine shop.

117 I need an option for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door 38 x 14 to be placed on a machine shed on our farm. Build door with Red Power hydraulics.

118 Door quote? opening 16'X48' 1. price for hydraulic lift Schweiss door with Red Power Electrical System and weight of door 2. Also include remote opener for machine shed door.  THANKS Jerry

119 I would like a price on a 36' X 14'6\" Schweiss  hydraulic lift machine shop door with rough outs for two 3' X 4' windows, walk thru man door, remote opener and Red Power hydraulic cylinders for quick lift. Schweiss Door will go to Versailles, Indiana.

120 I currently have sliding doors on my late 70's machine shed and I'm tired of wrestling with them. Opening measures 17.5 wide by 12' high. Would you be able to give me an estimate on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power Electrical System? Options? Thanks. Loland

121 Hydraulic lift door price for a 40x60 shop it will be placed in the front 40 foot section. I'm looking to purchase when I get home from Ira. Will want a easy lifting door with your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps and remote controls. Insulated.

122 I have purchased a 55'# 100' machine shed, and want to look in a 28'wide by 16' high, and a 24' by 16',and a 25'by14' doors hydraulic lift one piece style Schweiss Doors with Red Power hydraulic motors for superior lifting power.

123 Hi, I would like a quote on both of your Schweiss doors, Hydraulic lift and bi-fold. Which of these doors would you recommend, holds up best with time and best value? Im not sure of the exact dimensions, but the dimensions I have provided will be correct for width but close on height (within 2-3 feet)Would it be possible to quote both a 16ft and 18ft high door. The door opening on our machine shed currently is aprox. 28FT wide, how much work would it be to open the door to fit a 35ft door and cost. I would like two doors, both with Red Power hydraulic pumps. However the back door could be the same size as the back existing door but same height as front door.

124 Starting to plan for a machine shop, like to know more about the support needs to hold your Schweiss  hydraulic lift doors. I live in a cold and windy climet, how mutch heat loss is to be expected and how to seal door from wind viberation and heat loose. Want info of Red Power pumps.

125 Dear Sir: We have a machine shed that is 40ft.wide x 14ft. high, and would like to close it in with your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. .Please give prices for both Red Power hydraulic pumps and remotes. Thank you for your time, Roger Novotny. P.S. The building is a lean-to type. It is closed on both sides & back, front is open.

126 Like a quote on 2 one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift doors 20' wide by 14' tall for 50x100 farm equipment she. What size Red Power hydraulic pump will I need. I want best lifting power possible and remotes for both doors.

127 Building has 14 ft ceiling. 30 ft opening need every bit of the 14 to get machinery in, so can the door fold to allow that, or should I have you install a Schweiss hydraulic lift door? I like what your web site says about Red Power pumps and their advantage over others. What do you recommend?

128 Hi, I'd like some prices on a few Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for a machine shed. I need a 20ft., a 26ft., a 28ft. and a 30ft. hydraulic door priced with Red Power hydraulic pumps. They all will be installed in a 16ft. sidewall building. If you could get me those prices asap, I would really appreciate it.

129 I need a price and installation directions for 3- 16' W x 20' tall hydraulic lift doors for various work shops all at one location. Schweiss doors should be fitted with Red Power hydraulic pumps as described on your web site. Looking forward to getting Schweiss Doors at this local in Iowa.

130 Looking for a 30 ft. hydraulic lift door on the side of a machine shed with a 16-18 foot plate. Currently have a I beam under the 18ft plate not sure, how low will the door be? Will it still be tall enough when open to drive in large farm equipment Needs to have Schweiss Red Power Hydraulics and remote.

131 Looking for a insulated hydraulic lift door for our shop in Upper Peninsula Michigan. Dimensions of the opening is 20'6\" wide by 15'6\" Height. We have a heated shop so a quote for insulated door would be what we are looking for and we would like Red Power Hydraulic Schweiss backup system too.

132 I would like to get a price on a 36'x16' Schweiss bifold and hydraulic lift door for my machine shop. This order will be installed by Schweiss Doors to New Mexico. I've been seeing more and more of your sturdy doors down here and am impressed with your Red Power lifting power.

133 I'm building a 60x150x20 metal machine shed. I would like a price on both a Schweiss bi-fold and hydraulic lift door. (1)44x20 (2)32x20 I want 1 door on each end wall(drive through) I own one of your doors currently and absolutely want Red Power pumps on this door. Great power.

134 Working to add a 40X70 addition to our shop. This structure will have the main door in the 40' end much like an aircraft hangar. This building will be used to house our haulers, etc. The largest door our builder will provide for this building is 20'. Their reasoning is that such door will be comprised of two 10' panels that will each slide laterally 10 feet such that when the door is open the opening will be 20 feet wide. They do not want door panels to extend past the side of the building when open, hence their max opening in the 40' end will be 20'. I would like a price on a 30' and perhaps a 36' Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift door 14' high installed.

135 I presently have a 20x20 overhead door on my equipment shop. I'd like to replace it with a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. I do not want to lose any clearance however. Additionally, we often need to leave this door partially open in the winter months but we get ~320\" of snow annually. Can you recommend the best Red Power pump and provide pricing, including shipping and installation. regards 

136 Just getting an updated door quote on a 39'5'' wide by 10'10\" rough opening for a machine shed. Both on Schweiss Doors bifold and hydraulic lift door (with Red Power hydraulic pump) quotes please.

137 I would like information and cost to replace our existing sliding shed door with one of your fine Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. What modifications would have to be made to our existing building. Will door come with Red Power Electrical System.

138 Looking for pricing on a 41'wide x 14'6\" tall hydraulic lift door for a machine shed. Schweiss Red Power option included. I want the best lift possible for this size door. Thank you,

139 I need a Schweiss heavy duty door for a farm shed 20x14 hydraulic lift. Where can i get information, how soon and what prices you would have. I assume your doors are now standard equipped with Red Power Hydraulic motors, right?


141 I have 2 machine sheds, each with sliding doors. One door is 42 feet wide, the other 50 feet wide. They are approximately 30 years old each. I want to replace them with Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Both doors are very heavy steel frames. I am all in favor of fitting these doors with your Red Power hydraulic pumps for ultimate lift.. I appreciate your help with this situation. If you call the above number, it is my place of business and you can ask for me. Thank you, Mark W.

142 Need quote on another Schweiss piece door 40'x12, this is for a metal Q style machine shed building. Door with Red Power hydraulic pump same size as previous order. Your new pumps really make lifting your door easy.

143 I have a machine shed with a garage door on the end wall. I want to take that door out, frame in a bigger opening, and put in a 28 foot wide Schweiss hydraulic lift door.(With Red Power hydraulic pumps) I also need 14 feet of clearing height for the combine to fit. And It needs to be insulated to the hilt. Thank you.

144 I am looking into a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with a walk in door for my machine shed. Can you send someone to see and measure the opening and make sure we can install Red Power Hydraulics and put this in this type of wood building?

145 We are building a machinery shed 60'x120' with 2 Schwiess hydraulic lift doors, needed on each end. The doors are 40' wide x 20' tall. What is the maximum wind load for safely opening/closing one door. Or both? Can you give me direction on your new Red Power hydraulic pump installation?

146 I have a farm machine storage barn with a 16h by 24w opening and would like a your suggestion on what would be the best door for me. I'm thinking your Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece should work well. Would be interested in your Red Power backup system and maybe other accessories. Thanks, Brian

147 Need a bid on a 14 high by 18ft Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door to replace my stubborn old sliding machine shed door. Please quote with Red Power motor that will give the best lift without overdoing it. Equip with two remote openers.

148 I need a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door 40' X 16' opening with operator for my farm machinery storage shed. It will need your Red Power hydraulic pump for increased lift. Installed in Iowa.How soon can I get something like this delivered and put up.

149 I am building a shop needing a Schweiss door big enough to get in an airplane and various agricultural equipment. I would like to find out about how much it would cost to put in one hydraulic lift door. The size of the door will be somewhere around 14 tall (opening) by 40 wide. I will do all the construction and installation myself. I will probably use steel trusses on wood posts. For now I am trying to get an idea of what everything is going to cost. I have not yet determined the final size of the building because it will change depending on which door I go with. Cost is the biggest obstacle for me. Please e-mail me a quote on what is the most cost effective door that you have, but don't skimp on the Red Power hydraulic system, I want good lift. Thanks

150 Please also quote installation of door. This is for a farm machinery storage building. The customer will also want this Schweiss hydraulic lift door insulated and with Red Power System. Do you quote the insulation or should we simply use our 2\" blanket insulation? You know what's best.

151 Please quote a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a 36'x 18' opening on my ranch equipment/horse barn. Put your best Red Power hydraulic pump on it. Schweiss doors are pretty popular round these parts. Good door for what we need it for.

152 Looking for a replacement door for a farm machine shed. Rough opening is 24' x 15' 9\". Building will be heated.Current door slides. Would like to retrofit with a Schweiss hydraulic lift door powered by Red Power hydraulic pump.

153 Need a quote on 4 - 48'x18' clear and 1 - 65' x 20' clear, both with Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and Red Power Systems for best lift I can get. This will be for a farm machinery storage shed which gets a lot of use in spring and fall. Please insulate the door and quote two remote openers.

154 Want approximate cost and directions to closest dealer I live approx. 8 miles from Marine City, Michigan on the Canadian side of the border. Do you have any dealers in Ontario, Canada. I'm interested in getting one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power System one piece doors for a machine shed.

155 Hi, I'm looking to replace a sliding door on a 54' x 90' building machine shed. The opening is 28' x 13'. I want a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power Hydraulic pump for this purpose. Do you install the door? I'm in Indiana. Thanks, Jon.

156 Pricing for 40'x 10' hydraulic lift door for farm machine shop. Make sure you include your Red Power hydraulic pump because I'll need good lift and smooth operation. This door will be used a lot. Really like the craftsmanship and engineering of you Schweiss doors, bifold and hydraulic lift.

157 Need a price on a 56' wide x 15' tall hydraulic lift door for my machine shed. (Construction to begin soon, foundations are poured). Will require Red Power hydraulic pump with backup system.

158 Looking to price out a door for customer on his Machine shed/shop. Give me a call to quote this. 20x16. He said to make sure and have you include your Red Power hydraulic pump for this Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Thanks, Chuck

159 Looking for a door to put on a hip roof wood structure machine shed that i want to turn into a work shop but im short on head room i have approx. 12ft. to ceiling joists now and need 14ft. my plans are to dig out the dirt to get my height so i would like some liture on your Schweiss doors that would best suit my building. I'm thinking hydraulic lift over your bifold doors.  Thanks Terry.

160 I need a quote for 18 high by 40 long \"Schweiss Red Power\" system hydraulic one piece door 12 ft. tall by 36 ft. wide for my farm machinery storage building. Please email me with price including remote openers, insulation and frieght.

161 I have small farm in Grant County Minnesota with shed that has a 14ft wide and 10ft high door. Rafters are 16ft high so need hydraulic door to permit my 12ft 6inch bus opening. I will need remote opener, Red Power hydraulic pump also. Please send quote along with delivery time.

162 Need pricing for nine (9) 40' x 12' Schweiss hydraulic doors. Red Power hydraylic pumps and Red Power backup system. 24\" wedge (actual Door height @ 18'6\"?) 1 single phase motor inside manual push button man door framed in door I have another project requiring much larger doors as well 100'x28'. I've seen your doors at a Reno airport, but this first door would be for a machine shop.

163 I currently have a 63' x 90' shed that is half shop and half cold storage for equipment. My plan is to make entire building shop and build additional cold storage. The problem with this building is that it has only 13'6\" inside ceiling height. When we start revamping this building, I am very interested in replacing the main entrance door (currently 27') with Schweiss hydraulic insulated door with a Red Power hydraulic pump. I CANNOT afford to lose any head space! Can you tell me what options I have with your doors? Do you install in Indiana?

164 Do you supply an \"external, double leaf, metal hydraulic one piece Schweiss shed door to fit an openning of 8'wide x 7' high\"? Will it have a Red Power pump on it. Please advice. Thank you!

165 Price on a 40 foot by 14 foot hydraulic one piece Schweiss door for my farmsite machine shed. Install with Red Power hydraulic pump and backup system and two remotes.

166 We have a small project in the Salt Lake City area where we would like to have two Schweiss hydraulic doors on a small maintenance golf course shed. The doors are 8'-9\"W x 7'-4\"H. Can these be manually operated or do they automatically come with the Red Power hydraulic pump lifting system.

167 Looking for quote an Schweiss hydraulic door for my rural machine shop. Door frame size is : 40'w x 12'h. Please let me know what size Red Power hydraulic unit you plan to install on it. I also want it insulated and with an extra remote opener. When can you install in Illinois?  Steve

168 Hello, I would like to get a qoute on installing a Schweiss hydraulic door on my machine shed. Door opening size should be about 30 ft wide and height is flexible, probably about 14 ft. Saw you developed a new motor, I want the Red Power on it. Looks pretty compact and impressive. Ross

169 I have a wood pole machine shed with sliding doors. I am interested in replacing the sliding doors with Schweiss hydraulic Red Power pump doors. The approximate rough opening measurement is 12'H X 20'W.

170 Looking for pricing on a 70'1/2\" x 24'11\" Red Power pump lifting hydraulic door. This would be for immediate purchase and to replace existing tornado alley smucked up door on my rural machine shed in Kansas. Please contact ASAP

171 We have a machine shed that needs new doors on one side to replace cumbersome sliding doors. I was wanting a quote on a Schweiss hyrdaulic door with Red Power unit that would fit a opening of 30ft wide by 16 ft tall. Thank you

172 I have an old livestock barn and would like to convert it to machine storage. There are 3 hydraulic doors, size: 9 X 13; 2- 9 X 9. I was interested in cost of doors with Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps, one with a backup system and installed price at Ashton, Illinois. Thank you; Colin

173 I would like information on your Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door. I have a machine shed that has a 30 by 15.5 sliding door that only slides when it wants to, and that's usually in the heat of the summer sun. I'm getting too old to put up with it. I want your Red Power hydraulic pump to do the work for me.  Herb

174 I am interested in a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power hydraulic pump & backup system. Roughly 25 by 14' for a steel farm machine shed building. Please contact me.

175 I am building a new steel Machine Shed that is (54X120X16). I am wanting a hydraulic end door for opening of 40 X 16. I have been told your door would need to be 40 X 18. Is this correct? Building to be erected early August. I need price quote for 40 X 18 Door without siding. Include Red Power hydraulic pump, auto locks and delivery charges. Please list separate cost of installation by Schweiss. Best time to call home phone between 8-9 A.M. and after 4 P.M.. Cell Phone not carried all the time. I will need blue prints showing measurements, so builder can build opening to fit your door. PS. I think I can install door, what is the estimated time in hours for me to install door? Is the Schweiss Red Power system easy to hook up and install?


177 I am considering putting up a 50x60 ft. machine shed on my ranch. The side walls will be 15 foot high. I will be putting large hydraulic doors on each end as well as a rolling door (12 ft wide W 12 foot high in the middle. I don't know much about your doors and would be interested in getting prices.Tell me more about your new Schweiss Red Power hydraulics and how your backup system works.

178 I didn't see any pictures of a hydraulic doors on the side door of a Morton machine shed. I have I think a 18 wide by 12 high door I need replaced, under a rain gutter. Can this be done and can you give me an approximate price to include Schweiss Red Power pump and backup system please? Do you have any local contractors to install? Thanks.

179 I am looking for a one piece Schweiss hydraulic  door to put on my machine shed, the opening is 15'4\" tall and 25'4\" wide. It would require your new Red Power hydraulic system. Thank you.

180 I would first like to get more info on your doors, for my rural shed building. Do you send out a Schweiss Doors sales guy to provide a no obligation quote on a hydraulic door and Red Power hydraulic pump system? As I don't know who would install your door in my area. If you have someone in my area, would you inform me. Will you be at Farmfest this August, I am driving up from northwest Missouri. Or I could stop at your factory.

181 We're planning a new machine shed/shop on our farm for summer construction. I'm most interested in a 24'x14' overhead Schweiss one piece door with your new Red Power hydraulic pump and backup system. Can you give me a quote? Looking over your options, I'm sure it's hard to quote without more detail. In general, we're building a post frame building, 16' clearspan, and the door will be located on a sidewall. I want the door a minimum of 14' high and, depending on the I beam header size, we may be able to make it 15' high. I would want a couple windows, remote opener, the option to plug a tractor into the Red Power backup system in the event of a power failure. I think I like the flushmount style the best. Could you give me optional prices on options #1,2,3, and 5. Also, option installation. Delivery would be to Earlville, Il.

182 Construction will begin this early summer. Am looking for June delivery if possible. Would like a quote for a 40'wide x 18'hieght Schweiss hydraulic door for my new machine shed near Fairbanks, AK., Also with insulation and adequate Red Power motor attached. Thanks. Norm

183 Building a shop wondering about Schweiss hydraulic doors. I want height of at least 15' possibly 16' to bring machinery into the building. What size of rough opening would I need? I'm looking for 30' and 24' wide doors. 30' would be an end door and the 24' would be a side door. Tell me what size Red Power hydraulic pump system this will require for best and fastest lift possible.

184 Please send ruff estiment on two Schweiss hydraulic doors for 36 foot by 15.5 foot machinery shed door the other door on this shed is an overhead door with motor driven oporation so I would want strong Red Power hydraulic pump. Reason for inqiry is to be abel to use door year round. Now north door is frozen shut Thank you Matt.

185 I have a 36' x 60' machine shed with 10' 6\" high x 16' wide door. I want to convert the door to 13' high x 24' wide. The end wall with the existing doors is not strong enough for an overhead door. I hear that Schweiss Doors offers a free standing header. What would you recommend?

186 I am looking for a powerful, quiet and reliable hydraulic hydropower 24' by 16' door for a machine shop. My neighbor has a Schweiss hydraulic door and he's really happy with it. We need an energy efficient hydraulic door. 

187 I would like a quote for a large bi-fold door and a hydralic door for an existing machine shed. Do you recommend the hydraulic door or the bi-fold door for my application? It is 24' wide and 14' tall. I would like to lose as little head clearance as possible. It is a steel building and it's approx 35 years old. Thanks.

188 I am looking for a bi-fold or one-piece hydraulic door for a steel machine shed. My dimensions are 24 ft wide by 14 ft high. This shed is a York manufactured building and was put up around 1980. What do you recommend?

189 We require info for a 40 ft door for storage shed. We work on equipment repairs in the shed too - even in winter - so we need a well-insulated, secure sealing hydraulic door. And yes, we won't use it as a snow plow - but some overhead shade in the summer might be nice.  

190 We are building a 60' x 80' x 20' all steel heated machine shop with a 4 foot high concrete wall all the way around with in floor heat. I would like to put a 40 foot one-piece hydro power hydraulic door on the east end. We could get by with a 35 or 37 foot hydraulic door, if available. What is the price difference? Thank You. P.S. We need our new one-piece hydro hydraulic door to have remote control and windows, too. Plus, since the machine shop is heated, we really need a well-insulated door.

191 Looking to change our old rolling top door to a new custom one-piece Schweiss Doors red power motor hydraulic door on our machine shop. Would like to know if your unique hydraulic door designs would work for us and be affordable.

192 looking for a price on a bifold or hydralic door for a farm machine shop with a10ft by 10 ft bifold or hydraulic door clear opening. We need sturdy machine shop one-piece hydraulic doors and we like our neighbor's Schweiss Doors hydraulic farm shed door.

193 we need a one-piece moving wall hydraulic door replaced on our machine shed and need a Schweiss Doors one-piece hydraulic machine shed door quote. It is an insurance job and we have a quote from another one-piece hydraulic door manufacturer. I hope you have a one-piece Schweiss Doors door dealer up here in Canada for machine shed hydraulic door projects. 

194 Interested in a large moving wall one-piece moving wall hydraulic door for a replacement door for my machine shop. I would like some info on the new red power durable hydraulic door by Schweiss Doors for my new machine shed hydraulic door.

195 I am looking to build a machine shop next summer, I am interested in high R rating one-piece machine shop doors hydraulic insulated doors and want to compare pricing of bi fold to overhead hydraulic doors with the red power motor. Thank

196 I have a machine shop 72'x36' with 14' eaves. It has three red power Schweiss hydraulic doors on a side wall. Pole construction with a concrete floor. Two one-piece hydraulic doors are 12x 14 on each end of the sidewall and a center red power hydro hydraulic Schweiss shop door is 24x 14. each of the one-piece hydraulic doors are framed with 6x6 poles. The center hydraulic on-piece shop door has a laminated header.

197 Please quote an alternate door size of 66'x16' Clear for my machine shed. Needs good headroom. Hydraulic insulated door please.  Thanks Dan

198 Please quote a 54'wide x 15' high hydraulic lift one piece door for my machine shed, steel building. Want most powerful Red Power pump you have so door will open and shut fast to retain heat as I do work in there in the winter. Should also be fully insulated and have extra remote opener.

199 28feet by 14feet h door Hydraulic lift door needed for machine shed on my ranch. Needs good insulation, remote opener and Red Power backup system. Delivery to northwestern North Dakota.

200 Looking for price and information on a 38' wide x 16' tall door either bifold or single for my Illinois farm machine shed. Installation by Schweiss before fall harvest season if possible. Thanks, Danny

201 I have an 11 foot 8 inch tall by 18 foot wide opening on my machine shed that has old sliding doors on it that I want them replaced with machine shed hydraulic door from Schweiss Doors. I would like an estimated cost for replacing the doors with either a bifold door or hydraulic one piece door.

202 I would like you to call me on a price for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door 40x14 for my machine shed on the farm. It's high time I get rid of the cumbersome sliding door that has been breaking my back for years.  Thanks

203 Could you give me a price estimate on a Schweiss hydraulic door that is 38' wide and 10' high for my machine shed? Include extra remote and adequate Red Power pump.   Thanks!

204 Please provide an estimate for a bifold and hydraulic one piece door for a 22 foot wide and 12 foot high opening. I'm not looking for all the bells and whistles, just a reliable and easy to use door for a machine shed. Also, give me an estimate when it would be delivered. Thank you very much. Paul K.

205 Looking at without a doubt replacing the old clunky  sliding doors in endwall of my machine  shed and shop building.What information will you need from me to supply me with a quote for a hydraulic Schweiss  door.

206 This is a 36 foot by 150 feet long machine shed with a 6 foot over hang, 30 foot free span in side of post (6X6) 14 feet high, bottom of roof truss. My hydraulic door will have to be 30 feet long and 14 feet high give or take a little. Regards, Bill H.

207 I spoke with someone on the phone yesterday and I'm really excited about my new Schweiss machine shed door. Thanks There will also be a 20 X 14 Ft. hydraulic door in this building. Could you give me a quote on this hydraulic machine shed door also?

208 I am looking for a price on a 55'x12' hydraulic Schweiss door for my machine shed. Should have walk-in door and three windows and lightly insulated. Any idea on delivery time? Will your installation crews travel to Utah?

209 We have your bifold door on our farm. GREAT DOOR! 15 -20 Years old Motor Locked up; We would now like to also replaced cables with lift straps. Also interested in putting a hydraulic door on our machinery shed. Will want a walk thru door and insulation. It's been so long since I ordered my last door that I'm not sure what information you will need from me to get this order rolling. Thanks

210 Have a machine shed with a 14' ceiling. It is all insulated and has a cement floor, the building is a pole shed. I need a door that takes none of my headroom, I need the full 14' of height, I would like the door to be about 18' wide. I am very handy and can likely install myself. What would a bifold door with a remote control, auto latch/unlatch and stap system set me back, how about your hydraulic door, which will give me the most headroom?? Insulated of course, or maybe I can insulate?? The door is going in an end wall. The shed is 24' wide and 48' long. How much above the ceiling does the framework go on the outside of the building?

211 I have purchased a steel span metal shed that was formerly used to store grain. The building is 50'x200', and I plan to put a larger hydraulic door in the end of it to more easily use it for machinery storage or shop work. Please send me some information and price quotes on what you have to offer. Sincerely, Dan B.

212 I have a storage shed with a 16' tall x 45' opening. I am wondering what the price would be to enclose this with a large insulated hydraulic or bifold door. (door only I won't need to reinforce the building) I am open to suggestions. My young friends have told me to put sliding doors but I'm old enough to figure out how much extra work they can be, especially in the winter.

213 Please supply me with a quote on a 12' wide x 32' lg. hydraulic lift machine shed door. list price for instalation, as I may install myself.

214 I am interested in a hydraulic lift door for my machine shop I have a 14x24 foot opening and would like an insulated door with about 6 windows.

215 Need a 20 wide by 16 tall one piece hydraulic lift  door for my machine shop. I'd like it insulated and with remote control opener.


217 I have a 36'wide X 16' high opening on a machine shed. The doors that I have are too heavy to slide. I'm looking for suggestions on you hydraulic Schweiss door.