Quonset Building Doors

1 We have a 40x100 Quonset with a 18 ft x14 overhead door Are thinking of replace with a 18x16 hydraulic quonset building door Need 2%u2019 more clear head room Give a quote

2 I have a 42'x 48' Miracle Truss building that I erected in 2000. I have 14' eaves with an old bifold cable door that is 40' wide with a Lift Master cable lifting system. With it being 16 years old, I am in need of replacing the 3 cables that lift the door I would like to have it retrofitted to liftstraps . I came across your site while searching for bottom rubber seal for the door as it needs to be replaced also. I saw your strap lifting system and read about retrofit on your older doors. I was wondering if it would be possible to retrofit my door with your strap system? I already have replacement cables that I was going to install, but like the straps system better. Please let me know if it is possible to retrofit my door with your system.