Quonset Building Doors

1 Looking for bifold or hydraulic options (whichever is best lended to self supporting door structure. Door will be 34’ wide and at least 12’ opening. Mounting on end of approx 38’ 8” wide by 14’ 4” tall roundtop “quonset hut” style building. Thank you.

2 We have a 40x100 Quonset with a 18 ft x14 overhead door Are thinking of replace with a 18x16 hydraulic quonset building door Need 2%u2019 more clear head room Give a quote

3 I have a 42'x 48' Miracle Truss building that I erected in 2000. I have 14' eaves with an old bifold cable door that is 40' wide with a Lift Master cable lifting system. With it being 16 years old, I am in need of replacing the 3 cables that lift the door I would like to have it retrofitted to liftstraps . I came across your site while searching for bottom rubber seal for the door as it needs to be replaced also. I saw your strap lifting system and read about retrofit on your older doors. I was wondering if it would be possible to retrofit my door with your strap system? I already have replacement cables that I was going to install, but like the straps system better. Please let me know if it is possible to retrofit my door with your system.