Schweiss Door Parts

1 What kind of back-up devices or techniques do you have for opening a bi-fold door when the power is out? I currently have a Schweiss Bi-fold door that is about 20 years old and serves me well.

2 I am needing to replace a remote from one of your doors. Could you tell me where I could get one or watt megahertz the remotes run on that I can program it.

3 I just need a few replacement remotes for our schweiss hangar door.

4 Hello, I have a Schweiss hydraulic door that was installed in 2011 in Sarasota, FL. Hurricane Ian ripped the top rubber seal off the door. It's a 40 foot door. I will need a 41' by 12" piece. Do you guys have these for purchase or, if not, can you tell me someone local that has something like this. Thanks


6 Hi there, I have a remote that stopped working and wanted to know if it can be repaired and if so where to send it to get that accomplished. Type: T60TX-03STL Freq: 433.92 MHz Serial no. Thank you for any help in this!

7 Need a price for bottom weatherseal kits for (2) 60' wide aircraft hanger bi-fold doors (strap lift)

8 We have 2 Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors. I am requesting a quote for some spare pieces for it. I need 2 new top seals for reinstallation. As well as 10 of the 3/4" TEK Screws. Thanks!

9 The City recently installed a Schweiss bifold door at its Peele-Dixie Water Treatment Plant. Is there a kit of gaskets, etc.? Would like to talk to someone in parts department to see what our options are. Thank you, S., P.E. Public Works

10 Hello. I just purchased and installed a new Schweiss hydraulic door. The installer gave me two remotes and said I should contact you if I would like additional remotes. I would like to order two additional remotes. Please let me know the process thanks. Rob. PS: You can call or text or email. Thanks

11 I have another company bifold door installed in 1995. I have to replace the cables for the fourth time. Please send me the info on your Schweiss strap replacement program for my door.

12 I need to replace the Schweiss personel door (door only - not frame) on a Schweiss model M224 #M261  bifold door. Please advise price and availability. thanks.