Shop Doors

1 Making a shop out of a cemented cattle building. Side walls 12 foot but changing the rafters to metal truss. Prefer your hydraulic one piece door which should keep my building cooler on hot summer days.

2 I need to replace a 30 *16 overhead door in my shop and would like to go with a hydraulic shop door so I don't lose any headroom.

3 looking for a 30 x 18 with couple of windows in dooor insulated for a shop where I can mount the hydraulic pump 14 feet from the door opening.

4 Would like to know an estimate cost for hydraulic and bi-fold doors installed on existing Morton shop. Need 15’ x 30’

5 We r looking at replacing our shop door would like a quote on a hydraulic door with windows and lights built into the underside. And also we r a 2 truck pulling team we compete in IN,OH,Ky,MI,IL on the NTPA State and Regional and a little Grand National circuits around 35 events a year.looking for sponsors for 2022 season.

6 Good afternoon, I am looking for a quote on a hydraulic or bifold strap door for my shed project that we will be building this summer. I need a 16 ft. by 20 ft. wide strap door with automatic latches and a remote opener.

7 Putting up a shop this fall. Was wondering what a 40 foot wide hydraulic or Bifold shop door with lifting straps would cost, I am planning 16 foot side walls. Thank you, Mike Mammele