Specialty Doors

1 I'm working on a project for a client that is putting in a 20' shipping container for concessions at their rodeo fairgrounds. The face of the container will have an opening that is 4' tall X 18' wide and is 3'-6" above the floor. -I'd like to know if this is something you do. -I'd like to know if it's possible to just get the hydraulics for the door or if that needs to come as an entire unit w/ the door included. -If possible I'd like to know different options and prices. Thanks

2 I am looking for a pair of hydraulic doors that are waterproof. I have a warehouse in a flood plain and we have investigated passive flood gates, but I would prefer something we could operate on a switch. One would be 8' wide and 4-5' tall. The other would be ~14' wide and 4-5' tall. We might be able to install ourselves but might be easier to have a dealer help us. The building is cmu construction and the floor is concrete. We have plenty of 3 and 1 phase power as needed.

3 Hello, my firm is currently working on the historic rehabilitation of a home originally built for the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago. Now located in the Indiana Dunes National Park, the home features a tilt-up hanger door approx. 35' wide by 7' tall. Our goal is to recreate this door, assuming that it may need to be segmented into smaller components. Your products appear to match our intent, we would greatly appreciate a call and any drawings/details you can provide. Thank you

4 We recently built a new house. When they were installing the back staircase from the basement to the garage we had the contractor build them where they would be able to be swung up once a hydraulic system and a heavy enough hinge-like system would be available. As at that time we did not know of your company I was looking for a local craftsman. However, the company building the house they're hydraulic handyman has since retired in it's no longer working on projects like this. I came across your name on a YouTube video. I'm curious on what we would have to do and how much it would cost to be able to get this basement staircase to rise to allow us storage under the staircase for a hidden room. I am in central Iowa approximately an hour northwest of the Des Moines metro, near the town of Jefferson Iowa.

5 Prefer Email Have a unique situation where I have a unit with a standard sectional garage door. I need the ceiling height in the unit so need to get the tracks out of the way and the door out of the way when up. Considering a bifold door. I need to use the current sectional door so that it matches the rest of the doors in the unit. Can you build me something custom using the current door that can fit my needs? Do you have an installer in north Georgia?

6 We manufacture railcar subway cars. I need to build a leak check booth where we spray water on a train to test for roof and window leaks. I need a hydraulic door 87ft long x 18 ft tall or larger. It will need 47ea. 1.5in vertical water pipes with sprinklrr nozzles mounted inside. The booth will be constructed inside our existing facility. I would also like to raise/lower nozzles in the ceiling hydraulically

7 Hello! I built a mini garage 8’ by 14’ And to be able to drive or ride motorcycles into it I needed the garage door to be a draw bridge because I’m on a hill and there is a dip between the driveway and the garage! So I turned that whole wall into a draw bridge. But now I need to be able to pull it up and down. Which your Hyraulics are just what I need! But it’s a wood door and must be able to be driven onto. How much are your Hydralics as to just buy them not the door? And is it doable? I got a winch and it worked but only pulls the door up a quarter of the way. So I pushed it closed and can’t use it or finish it until I figure out how to fully open and shut my mini drawbridge?

8 I need specs and standard details for a schweiss bi-fold hanger door with top drive and a glass panel door.

9 Need a solution to add one foot of depth the garage. Cannot use sectional door with rollers and track. Very important to come up with a solution quickly as this issue just came to light on a house we developed that is now in escrow. Door opening is 18' wide by 9' high and there is 14" of reveal in front of this opening. Could Schweiss Hydraulic doors provide us a solution?

10 I have an outbuilding that currently has removable walls that are screwed into place into large wood beams. I would like a more permanent solution that is more weather resistant/insulated with 1 or 2 windows in each. Area of doors/walls is currently 4x8 but if I remove middle board area is closer to 10x8 or 10x10. Just looking at options per door and we would need 3 doors if they are 10x8 or 10x10. Please email with any questions and I can send pictures as well to help.

11 Hello, I'm looking for a bifold door with insulated glass for a garage to home gym conversion. I only need one door that is 95" wide by 83.5" high.

12 We have a pole barn but we bought a new travel trailer that is too tall to go in the existing garage door. The floor to bottom of rafters is about 11’9” and are trying to find an option to add a door at the end of building that will allow us to get our 10’8” trailer in. We have seen the bifold on a building and wondered if that might work. We are looking to get an idea of estimated cost for this type of door.

13 Hello, I'm an Engineer for Clark construction in California. We are currently working on the design for the Manchester Fairmont Hotel in San Diego Downtown. This hotel will have several loading gates to be furnished and install. We will like to see if you guys will be interested in sending us a proposal for the furnish and installation of this gates. Let me know if you would like more info and I can send it to you. Thanks,

14 We are a paint booth manufacturer in need of a door system preferably with window. We are bidding on an airplane booth at present with a door opening of 45'W X 18'H. We will have need for special doors in the future as well.

15 Would like to incorporate your door on our small business. We have a back patio garden and I would love the one piece hydraulic door to open up on the nice days. Can I get general information for the hydraulic door to give to my general contractor who is working on the project.

16 I have a 11 ft X 20 ft RV garage that i would like a quote on a hydraulic door on the front end, the clear span on the front is 11 ft, the building goes up another 3 ft above that. Thanks Max

17 renovating old gas station, block walls but moving wall outward about 5 foot so new construction made of wood for door placement, wanted double doors like car dealership but price inhibited, wondering about price and installation costs, can make wall according to your specs. any questions call anytime if I hear phone ring I'll answer. wondering about inner frame structure door come bifold or solid?

18 We are looking for pricing on a Schweiss tilt up door, 18x8, flush mount that the client can add vertical boral siding to. Motor is needed as well. Please send me an email with pricing or a phone call if you have additional questions in order to price.

19 Looking to protect outdoor video screen on stage with hydraulic powered door. Interested in discussing overhead door options with Schweiss

20 I am interested in your hydraulic container doors. Width: 30-40 feet Height: 20-30 feet Application: mining ore storage facility. Please call me to discuss. Regards, RS

21 Hello, I'm currently working on a couple differnt projects that we are considering using the one piece hydraulic doors. The first is a shop with 25'x14' opening, the customer will clad on site. The second is a bit unique, it is for a swim up patio bar door in an pool area, the would like the doors to be glass and provide a cover for the chairs in the pool when open, there is two openings 1-10'x4'6" 1-8'x4'6" - Thanks Cam

22 We are putting together numbers for the bank regarding a 40x100 building. We hope to put in two high security hydraulic blast doors, one 20x20, the other 18x18. Can you please price the hydraulic and bi-fold doors. Do you ship or require local pick up only.

23 Hi, I'm a project architect for a west coast project that's looking into a glazed, vertical bi-fold garage door that sits at a coffee bar countertop and would like to speak to someone about using a Schweiss all-glass Liftstrap door in this application.

24 We are working with Cal Expo to replace the service access doors at the back of 6 Exhibit Halls on the site. And currently there are (5) with at least (3) different door configurations. We want to provide them with a minimum 20 ft. x 14 ft. pair of panic hardware exit doors, within a frame that opens as much as possible for exhibit delivery as needed, while maintaining building security and durability. Additionally, for at least the (5) 16'x11'-9" openings, we would like all the replacement doors to match (hydraulic or bifold with straps?). The 20' high opening likely would need to be a bifold door. Please contact me, either via email or phone, to discuss possible solutions. Thanks! Paul Kastner HMR Architects

25 8'x8' hydraulic door opening in middle of door with 5'x6' window openings on both sides of the door opening. Thank you!

26 I currently have your product on a "hidden" garage door on my house. Everyone loves it. It has proven very reliable equipment over the last 4 years. Great job. So, I'm about to build another new residence next year and have been toying with this idea every time I watch my/your door operate. Have you ever been asked to provide a hydraulic or bifold strap actuated pool cover door? I plan on installing a 18 ft. x 40 ft. rectangular year-round pool.

27 Hi, I am a professor at Georgia Tech and design a telescope, which will be installed in a remote location and will be operated from remote. I am looking for solution that lets me remotely open and close the door of the building in which the telescope is installed. The hydraulic Schweiss doors you offer might be a solution. The idea is to install the telescope inside a Quonset hut and have a door install on one of its ends. The telescope points at the horizon. The door size is roughly 10x10 ft. I would be interested to know if you have a solution and how much it would roughly cost. Best regards Nepomuk Otte

28 Need a quote for 1 Bi-Fold Door with 1" Clear Glass 96" x 84" This is not a true door they are going to use as a pass thru type window when the weather is nice. I can send you a drawing if you would like. Finish is a Dark Bronze Anodized or a Painted Mineral Brown How do you ship these KD or as a Unit. Thank You

29 I am looking for pricing on a couple 10'x10' hydraulic doors to help enclose shaker rooms to help the dust collection system.

30 We are a company in mexico modyfing shipping containers for diferent application and would like to know if we can purchase from you your Schweiss hydraulic shipping container actuators, which we know will have the quality we need on our projects.

31 Hello, Our office is working on a project that may implement a garage door for a commercial/ community kitchen design. May we get an estimated quote for a 12'h x 8' w hydraulic kitchen door with glass cladding? Thank you.

32 this could be the smallest hydraulic door you have done, 7'-0 wide by 7'-0 high, all insul. glass in frame divisions or one piece of glass with protected edges on a frame. as this location is off grid, it would be nice if the hyd. pump could be operated manually with some sort of pump or wheel action. This would go in a sip wall panel opening by extreme panels

33 Hi. Love the look of your product - both the hydraulic and bifold liftstrap doors. We are currently looking to renovate our front entrance and change our barrier gates. Are your products available in Canada? I see that you have done work in B.C. Do you ship your products to Canada if they are not available through a dealership? Have the doors been installed with grills rather than windows or flat surfaces? Are there concerns about weathering with the straps? We would be looking to have the straps open to the elements at this point (the interior of our campground)? Many thanks!

34 I am interested in pricing for a lift-strap Bi-fold door to open up a daylight basement. The dimensions of the opening will be 11' wide x 8' tall. Can you please give me a rough idea of pricing for your product? We would clad it ourselves. Thanks, Mic

35 Need a steel framed grid with glass inserts for a approx. 20' wide opening, horizontal lift-strap bi-fold. This is for the open side of a steel cargo container with steel tube framing.

36 I have a client that is looking for an unusual hydraulic entrance door into his existing corporate office space. 3080 opening. Your doors might be a great fit. Can you help? Bob Natz 

37 Can we add a dog door to our existing Schweiss hydraulic door order? I hear Schweiss Doors does fantastic specialty door thinking out of the box.

38 Hello, Our firm is designing a brewery and we are looking to use some bifold glass designer doors similar to the doors used on the Schweiss Blarney Stone project that your company was involved with. I'm trying to get some additional information, pricing, and for the contact information of our regional sales representative. Thanks, Roger

39 I saw a photo of Sidney's Pizza Cafe where you created fold up windows so that you could view through the window or lift the window out of the way and create a clear opening. I work in the residential design department at AIA Architecture and am interested in using a fold up type window in one of my projects. I currently have two different sized windows in the plan and was wondering if you would be interested in providing an estimated price for each. One is 42" wide x 60" tall; the other is 68" wide x 42" tall. These are estimated window sizes so if the width or height needs to be adjusted for manufacturing purposes, that is certainly a possibility. Also, I feel your Schweiss Designer door products are suitable for a residential application as shown by your many website Must See Photo examples. As an FYI - the 42 x 60 window will be used on an interior wall separating two living spaces, the 68 x 42 will be used an exterior wall separating a kitchen from an outdoor bar area. If interested, would you please provide an estimated cost for each window size? 

40 Need for a large Hydraulic Window Instead of a Door, Can you send me at least ball-park pricing then I will give a call, thank you. Here is an Image of the size and what were looking to do. 

41 Dear Sir or Madam: We are in the need of an tight sealing Schweiss bifold door, the purpose of this item is to contain the water from the street (the water is actually flowing from the street to our property. The area of the needed door is around 10 m2 (4.5 width and 2.2 height). 

42 1. Are your Schweiss bifold or hydraulic emergency door systems suitable for use as part of an emergency smoke relief system for a 130 ft. high commercial office building with an atrium? The idea is that the doors would open up to a courtyard for daily use but would operate as part of an emergency smoke relief system in case of a fire. Are there existing office or industrial uses that do use your doors in this fashion. 2. What are the thermal performance characteristics of your glass doors for use in a modern office building? for a bifolding door 20ft wide and 12 ft. high? Do you have shop drawings of such a door?

43 Cement/in ground/indoor swimming pool presently under construction. It will be located inside a new construction in the back of the house. Want the outside wall to be built with 3 Schweiss special use hydraulic one panel pool doors that would maximise the viewing area. Thanks

44 Hi. My name is Claudia. I would like to ask if you as a company can produce and manufacture doors from clients design, or from the design which client found out ? If so then I would sent you the design which we do have and it is similar to Minneapolis Schweiss  Theater Hydraulic Window which you have done but in this case these are doors. Thank You

45 I live in San Diego. I have built hanging MURPHY beds for my daughters and am needing a hydro lifting mechanism. I do not see an example in your gallery of similar Schweiss Murphy bed design. I need the beds to EASILY fold to the wall. I'm sure you can help...thanks!

46 Good Morning, This request may be well below your qualifications, but we are looking to install a trap door in a floor. It will be leading to a wine cellar. I didn't see anything this small on your site, but what the heck, thought I would inquire. Door would have to be hydraulically operated one piece door. Thanks for your time.

47 Am considering building an underground home. I will need a hydraulic bermed home door for both tornado and intrusion resistance. Do you manufacture a Schweiss door that will pass the requirements of FEMA 320/361 certification?

48 I am looking for a Schweiss blast proof exterior door for the police station, prefer remote operated hydraulic one-piece automatic door