Apartment Designer Doors

1 I am designing for Schweiss hydraulic apartment doors right now and have a number of applications for your unit. I have one application of 12'W x 14' H, two -15'-w x10'-h and 2- 20'-w x 10'h. Just looking for a ball- park price at this time to see if it makes sense to design in our high-end home project.

2 We have a new apartment building that we are preparing for construction soon. We originally had a horizontal sliding door but need a more compact solution due to structural changes. We are interested in the overhead hydraulic designer apartment doors as a substitution but don't know if it is appropriate for our use. The door is to be used by building residents throughout the day - how long does it take to open and close vs. a typical sectional garage door? (Door would be approx. 16'W x 15'H) Cost vs. a typical section garage door? Is cladding customizable - can these be purchased as a frame and clad in the field by a third party? We are a wood building and have some steel beams/columns at the opening. Appreciate your assistance on this. -Brian

3 Can you please give me a call, I am working on 2 schweiss hydraulic apartment replacement designer doors....address is 1903 W 13th St, Vinton, IA....approx. 6 yrs old....they are both in a very corrosive environment. Please call to discuss. I can send you pictures if needed. thanks Brad Jones

4 Apartment building in SF, CA. Two separate hydraulic apartment designer doors desired, each at approximately 11'w x 13'h. Large sheets of insulated glass on steel frame. We'd like to know if the two sections of a bifold can be assymmetrical; can the upper panel be shorter than the lower panel so that we can better align the seam with other architectural elements?

5 We are working on preliminary pricing for a residential apartment designer door project in Dallas. The architect has specified the door to be a Schweiss hydraulic, single panel door. The opening will be roughly 20'-0" wide and 12'-4" tall.

6 Looking for a glass overhead door for residential apartment hydraulic designer door application. It will be in a timberframe structure with SIP walls, facing SW, at 8,600' so insulation is important. Please email instead of phone. Thanks!!!

7 I would like to know if you could build a apartment designer garage door for me like the one you did for the motorhome garage that looks like a regular garage door. I would need it installed. Please include the price (estimated if you don't have a set price). I live in Tyler, TX. Best way to contact me is by email.

8 I'm an architect and would like to use your glazed hydraulic apartment designer doors in a commercial building. Please send me your standard details and design guide. Ken Loose

9 Looking for the prices on a 22W x 12H hydraulic lift apartment designer doors as well as a 20W x 12H bifold door. This is for western Oklahoma so it needs to be wind rated. Thanks

10 Do you have, or can you provide, the Revit family for a glass hydraulic one piece door, similar to the that shown on the website for the "Soo Line Luxury Apartments" project, MN? We have a roof-top restaurant/bar project in Atlanta, wherein we'd like to propose the hydraulic restaurant door alternative  product. Thank-you for your assistance. - Sean Chin

11 I'm looking for a glass hydraulic apartment designer door for replacing a picture window 90"x54" You have anything for my application?

12 Looking for a do it yourself kit for a 28'x12' Schweiss hydraulic door that will be used as an apartment designer door. What is all included in the BYOD kit?


14 Hello, We are looking to provide a facelift to an existing apartment building in North Sacramento. We would like to show the owner/client an alternative that utilizes your hydraulic apartment  door product. I anticipate their first questions will be about the cost, so I was hoping to get a preliminary estimate. We are looking for the finish material to be metal with permeable holes that allow to visually see through (and avoid opportunity for graffiti), while still providing a measure of security. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, Rudi

15 Information regarding overhead glass apartment  door panel or horizontal hydraulic openings of 18'-0'wx9'-0"h.

16 Please provide quote for 2 Pivot style hydro fast opening apartment designer doors-Size 11' 6 3/4" W x 8' H This is for the ongoing 185 Unit Apartment Project in Fremont CA 

17 I have a Apartment building project with 8 roughly 8x8 hydraulic apartment windows on the exterior of brick walls. Could I get an estimate and recommended installers for one of your products?

18 I have a interior office that I need a 30-36' wide by 9' high door in. The building is steel 13.5' high to the bar joists and the interior build out will be sheetrock. I would like to see what you would suggest as we have had great service from our large Schweiss bifold apartment designer doors. I would need some help on deciding type and size based on your input. Please call me.

19 I have an application for 2 one piece apartment designer doors, and would like budget pricing to evaluate Schweiss potential. Opening is 18'(W)x 8'(H) clear, 2' headroom above door opening, concrete block construction with poured headers and side cells. Door to be face mounted if reasonable weather resistance can be assured. Both 120V and 240V 1ph power available. Wind load minimum 130 mph, 140 mph if reasonable cost impact. I am owner, engineer (registered PE) and contractor on this job. Please feel free to contact me if you need further info. Email is easier than phone. Thank you.

20 I need pricing for a 15' tall, 19'8" and 16'4" wide glass bifold and hydraulic apartment designer doors as soon as possible please.

21 I am bidding this apartment designer hydraulic door  out for a personal project on a new metal building. The planned building height is 18'. Thanks!

22 Hello, I need to install a hydraulic apartment designer door that can be connected to a fire alarm system. In the event of a fire, the alarm goes off the door will shut. The door is on the interior as well. Please give me a call with any info you have on this! -Marybeth

23 I have a residential apartment designer door project and would like 3, hydraulic apartment doors, each 14'wide and 9' tall. The surface should be a fiberboard, roughly 2.5-3lb/ft2 need quick approximate quote if you can, thanks

24 Good day. I am looking for a quote for hydraulic apartment designer doors, 16 feet wide and 14 feet high. I have a future steel building that has "A" frame style apartments and requires me to build my own end walls. In order to accommodate a 14x16 hydraulic apartment door, the door frame will have to be built on the front of the building extending past the roof line on either side. I could build the front wall to a height of 16 feet and then have a 24" wedge when door is open. Front wall can be constructed to your specs out of wood or steel. Thank you.

25 I am building two new apartments with 2 car garages and would like vertical hydraulic apartment designer  doors to be supplied. The property is in east of England; do you have a UK based agent?

26 We would like pricing for insulated hydraulic apartment designer doors with windows at eye level and a 22' x 16' clear opening.


28 Hello, This Type of Apartment Designer hydraulic one piece Schweiss Door, I'd like to be fully glazed. I will send you an elevation view of what the architect's intent is in a separate email. Thanks, Brian

29 Looking for two 18 x 10 to 12 foot high apartment designer hydraulic doors. Building now, how much lead time do I need on these Schweiss one piece apartment designer doors?

30 Would like pricing asap on apartment designer doors. With just plain electric remote opener. Thank you in advance.

31 Hello. I am looking at installing three Schweiss hydraulic apartment designer doors, with custom finish [similar to Wykoff Exchange, Brooklyn, NY] for a project in San Antonio, TX. Each door measures roughly 20' wide x 12'6" tall. What would the price, per door be? What would installation cost? I will price the finish separately, depending on those details, but am interesting in base cost to see if this would be an option. Thank you.

32 Working on a project at the MCRC Brooklyn NY that the A/E has indicated your Hydraulic apartment designer  doors with tube steel supports as basis of design. The apartment door project requires 7 ea 12' tall x 17' wide and 2 ea 14' tall x 17' wide doors. I need to complete my estimate by end of month.

33 We are electrical contractors currently engaged to install power to hydraulic apartment doors for a client. The doors are 11 mtrs across and have 2 x 3 mtr panels with 2 x motors . Can you supply a diagram or information to enable us 1 / Where to run the power supply to too and how it attaches to the door and if there is any other wiring we should have to under take and if so the method of installation of these apartment doors . Regards Greg Williams

34 I am needing to get a quote for an apartment project to start in Nashville around the end of the year. Needing (2) 19'0" x 10' 0" Motorized, Aluminum framed hydraulic apartment designer doors with Clear Anodized Finish and 1/4" tempered glass in all sections. Please call me at my office.

35 Am interested in several hydraulic apartment designer glass garage doors for new construction. Please call to discuss. Thanks. Bill Redmond

36 Can I have the apartment designer doors sheeted in a wood so I can paint it instead of steel. I am trying match this door to the apartment building and I want to install the hydraulic one-piece apartment designer doors myself. Please let me know.

37 converting a barn into a apartment / home office and want two hydraulic overhead glass apartment designer doors and what to determine if these doors will be a possibility (budget). Thanks

38 HI, I am building an apartment house for a client and garage opening is 4400mm high and 6600mm wide, do you ship apartment designer doors direct or do you have installers /retailers for these apartment doors in Australia?

39 Hi I wrote you a couple days ago and did receive a response regarding apartment designer doors I need. I am interested in your apartment designer hydraulic doors. I live in Lake Tahoe near Reno Nevada. I am interested in speaking with someone about prices. 

40 My current door is a 12 ft slider on a post frame building that I'm wanting to replace with a one-piece hydro-operated apartment designer door. Can I get an apartment designer door in this size with glass on it.

41 I am an apartment complex owner that has an older door that is need of a new opener and apartment designer door. I would like a contractor to view and give a estimate of cost.

42 Need a prices on two 45' x 14' Hydraulic apartment designer doors. These automatic doors will be clad in glass with aluminum frames.

43 We are designing a large recreational facility in California that will need Schweiss apartment designer doors. We are looking at a 20ft. wide (up to 25 ft. wide) x 14 ft. high either bifold or hydraulic folding apartment designer door with a large percentage of glass for daylighting when closed. Please forward info and photos of such installations. E.S.Pancoast, architect

44 We are architects in eastern Nebraska. We need a quote on a One-Pc Hydraulic Apartment Designer Door to replace a 17'-5" x 13'-2" double slide door in a wood frame building. Will need the complete system with steel jambs and header to be mounted on the outside of the building. Please call with any questions.