Zero Maintenance Doors

1 Looking for a PM check list for your bi-fold Hangar door. with straps. We already have the As Build drawings and O and M. Thanks,

2 We need a quote on a Schweiss zero maintenance 60 wide door for a machine shed.

3 Client told me u had a zero maintenance cable door that he thinks he wants for a small hanger. I told him there is no such thing as a zero maintenance cable door and that he should go with a Schweiss zero maintenance hydraulic door. Is that possible, the client thought that your door will come complete with door frame which is independant of building IS THAT CORRECT? Also do i design the pier for dorr frame, or do u specify??? Ken Olsen Civil Engineer

4 We have a timber framed barn that we are looking to replace our current sliding doors with zero maintenance hydraulic doors. They are currently wood/insulation on both sides of steel tubing. (no truss) The owner would to go all glass with black metal on the inside and wood on the outside. There are 2 doors approximately w12x14h, and 2 @ 16x14. Feel free to contact me at above email or by phone Thank You

5 We have a builder who is requesting us to quote out a zero maintenance hydraulic door for an opening of 33' x 10'. It would be in a steel building. We are looking for a basic model and are open to any options available for this product . Please contact us if you require additional information. Thank you.

6 I live in Wasilla, AK. Starting planning building a hanger. I have seen and like your zero maintenance hydraulic doors. Looking for at or close to a 50ft door 12 or 14' height. Curious on pricing, shipping to AK, recommended contractors you may use in AK for installation, and hanger width and height required for the 50' door. I.E. how much wider does the hanger need to be for the 50ft door install. Im in the starting stages of hanger design so lots of flexibility. Thanks very much Taylor

7 I am interested in some rough quotes/pricing for a zero maintenance hydraulic door kit that will be a 12' x 12' opening in a steel building. The door currently installed is a traditional style panel door that is powered by an electric opener. We are interested in this design to gain extra clearance that is now restricted by the track system of the current door. Thank You.

8 We are renovating an old NY barn and would like to entirely open much of the ground level. 2 pairs of these doors would be on either side of the barn. We are saving many of the existing timbers but using engineered lumber where needed. The zero maintenance hydraulic doors would be aluminum with glass panels. I could provide drawings if necessary.

9 I'm an architect and working on a metal building that houses large radiator's. Clients wants zero maintenance hydraulic doors along all sides of the building that can be open to condition the space during the summer. Temps inside range from 150-180 degrees. I'm looking at cost effective solutions for doors and came across your hydraulic low maintenance doors. Existing doors vary in size, 8'x6', 11'x5', 7'x6' and a few other sizes. However, with the new metal building I would like to keep openings to only a couple sizes, due to existing foundation openings will vary. Thanks

10 I left a phone message also. I purchased a strap lift bi-fold door about 6, or 7 years ago, 70'Wide x 23' High. I've had my second gust lock cable tensioning failure. I had a friend (now deceased) who also had your bi-fold door, who had the same problem, which was resolved with a strap tensioning replacement. I'd like to resolve this issue with a strap tensioner so I can once again have a zero maintenance door if possible. Please let me know what my options are. Thanks, Mike Preskar

11 We have a customer interested in installing a hydraulic zero maintenance door in a agricultural building he's thinking of building. I would like some sizes & prices for him to take a look & see what he would like. The building eave height is going to be 22'. Thanks

12 Hi there i'm bidding a project in San Angelo Texas and were looking at installing a hydraulic zero maintenance door the end wall is 100' long the eave height is 24'. The building will be a engendered metal building. would you give me a udget number on this please thank you

13 Good Afternoon, We are working on a small (400 SF) master suite addition to an existing home, and are considering hydraulic zero maintenance doors to serve as a picture window/space creator/focal point. I am working on preliminary section drawings, and was hoping you could provide me with some PDF/DWG mounting details and general space requirements. Additionally, if I could receive a preliminary price quote it would be much appreciated. Thank you. -Shaun Skoog

14 We are an FBO in eastern NC. Our hangar has a "Wilson" door 70x28. We would like to convert to the hydraulic zero maintenance Schweiss hangar  door. Interested in cost and the install. Thanks in Advance. That door never did work well, I am convinced from see other Schweiss hydraulic doors that yours is a guaranteed zero maintenance door.

15 Please send pricing for zero maintenance hydraulic aircraft hangar doors size 60 x 22 ft and 80 x 22 ft

16 looking for a quote on hydraulic zero maintenance  door for a hanger. I have a drawing from Star buildings if needed. the door opening per Star buildings is 80wide x 24 high.

17 Greetings, Interested in a quote for a zero maintenance hydraulic hangar door, rough opening of approximately 38' width and 11' height. Do want the door insulated, but do not need any doors or windows -- just a sturdy, steel framed & sheeted door. Note that there is an existing door that is being replaced (frame stays). Interested in what you can offer to assist with (i.e. handle) removing the old door as well as installing the new one. Respectfully, . Am located in North Alabama.

18 I'm designing a home for a client that has been looking at your Schweiss zero maintenance hydraulic doors for an indoor/outdoor basketball court. Are any 3D files available for your product that will work with Softplan? I'd love to be able to show him how this will look in 3D before he builds the home.

19 I work for a natural gas pipeline company, and we are installing a building for future construction to cover a section of pipe we use for metering. I wanted to consider hydraulic zero maintenance doors as a possibility so we can just open the door to have access and potentially replace the metering runs. These runs span around 40', and our building height will be around 22' before the eave. I want to obtain more information about hydraulic zero maintenance doors to find the most cost-effective method of having the ability to replace these meter runs.

20 10 feet tall. 40-45 feet wide. What would cost be for a bifold and hydraulic zero maintenance door so I can compare the 2. What does intallation costs? Thank you. Norm

21 Need a budget quote on a 50' wide x 20' high hydraulic zero maintenance door

22 Hello, I am a design architect from Boston Gensler office and currently looking for several design options with zero maintenance Hydraulic or Bifold doors for a pavilion piece of one of our project. I wonder that if you can send some information about your products especially about insulation rate. If you can send me some specs of your products that'd be great as well. if you need any further information please contact me Thank you

23 Need pricing on 30'x14' and 40'x14' diy zero maintenance door kit Thank you

24 Hi There, My door which is not a Schweiss door has  serious hydraulic fluid leaks, and requires new seals. What would it cost to replace this door with one of your Schweiss zero maintenance doors. Also information on procedure for overhaul of jacks would be appreciated. Does your European agent hold these in stock? Parts are required asap, so would appreciate your assistance in this matter. Regards, Martin Lake

25 We have an aircraft hangar door project that will require zero maintenance doors. I would to speak with your company about. The hydraulic door size is 78 ft wide by 17 ft high. Is it possible to use your hydraulic zero maintenance door on this opening? Thanks

26 Hi, I was wondering if I could get a quote on a 40' x 20' zero maintenance doors for my two airplane hangers. Any questions can either be emailed to me or a calling. Thank you, Larry

27 I am going to be building a advanced airplane hangar in the near future and will need 18'X50' hydraulic zero maintenance door.

28 Hello, I am interested in Schweiss zero maintenance hydraulic doors for self building. Right now I am building a fertilizer storage building. I need the hydraulic door that is 26 wide and 18 high. Could you please send me the offer? 

29 I have a poll barn with a opening of 10H x 44 W I have an old cantilever wood door on cables now and want to replace it with the least expensive hydraulic zero maintenance doors you offer as I'm 80 years old and don't need a 20 year guarantee on anything any more! It doesn't get used much and would like to cover it with light gauge galvalume sheeting!

30 Hello. My name is Bob (really) We are looking for options for zero maintenance hydraulic doors on a ship storage building. There are 6 units in the building 70 W x 180 L x 33 ft. eave height. This is a steel building with concrete floors. We would need to know the weight of each zero maintenance door (including all accessories) and what are the accessory size requirements for the accessories (head room, opening motor, ect). I would like to have a detailed drawing (dwg or PDF) of the door if possible. The door size is to be 25?w x 30?L. When working on a price please include shipping as a separate line item. Thank you

31 I'm currently working on a commercial project in Toronto where the client would like door openings on a new exterior bridge spanning a courtyard to link the new building to an existing building. Please advise on the cost and requirements for two hydraulic zero maintenance doors. The bridge structure proposed is a steel diagrid.

32 Sirs: Plan to build Pole Bldg. type hangar w/concrete floor, and looking into your hydraulic zero maintenance doors. 1. Need 40'horz.clear; 12'vert. clear; door to be face finish with outside wall flush inline with door sheeting to endwall sheeting. 2. What is the opening I need from the Pole Bldg. endwall for this to fit. If it works out, I will need some specifics as how to construct the header, and columns. 3. I am looking at the endwall to be 42' out to out, and whatever heighth is needed for your door. 4. Could you give me an estimated cost for hydraulic door. 5. Could you give me an estimated for a bifold door. 6. How is the outside sheeting logistic handled. Do I buy that to match the hangar sheeting, and install it on your door. 7. Where does your hydraulic zero maintenance door come from; shipping cost; do you unload it. 8. What kind of assembling do I have to do. 9. Do you put insulation on it or do I do that. Look forward to hearing from you, Many thanks, 

33 Need a price for hydraulic one piece zero maintenance doors with the measurements 28 x 12 and also need price on a bifold with the same measurements. Thanks!

34 I work in sales and advise customers as for metal buildings with hydraulic power doors. I was wondering can you send me some literature to keep my side to educate my customer on the Schweiss zero maintenance doors thank you

35 I would like information for a Bi-Fold and hydraulic  zero maintenance door with glass panels 8 feet wide by 9 feet tall.

36 Developing a plan to build a 60X60 aircraft hangar with zero maintenance hydraulic doors and looking to understand the door cost. Will need to clear 15 feet. Width could be 46 to 50 feet. Basic door at this time. Likely will insulate longer term, but would not be insulated initially. Zero maintenance doors are very important to me for this hangar.  Thanks, Tom

37 I would like a quote on a zero maintenance hydraulic door for a rough opening of 40' wide and 18' high. It will be installed in a Lester Pole barn. I would like your crew to install so Please include the installation cost. In the door no windows, we will use Lester sheets to cover the frame of your zero maintenance pole barn door.

38 We are looking at pricing for a 50' x 16' (long x clear) zero maintenance hydraulic door. Can you please put me in touch with someone that can get me pricing. Thanks, Eric

39 I want no outside truss for a hydraulic zero maintenance Schweiss door. I want the outside to be smooth to install metal on. I have already gotten a quote from a competitor and have seen both your and their doors in person. Will be ordering hydraulic zero maintenance door within the next month. Email is the best way to reach me. I have a 24" LVL header built into my truss above the clear opening height. I want to keep 14' clear opening height.

40 I priced a wood structure shed and a steel structure shed both 50' x 120' . I am thinking of two 30' x 16' tall hydraulic zero maintenance doors on the end and a 20'x 16' on 20'high side walls . I have a zero maintenance door from you a long time ago that lives up to its zero maintenance door capabilities . Can you give me an estimate, doesn't have to be exact. I don't know if I will build this shed, for farm machinery but am wondering what it could cost . Thank you for your time.

41 I'm looking for a price on Schweiss zero maintenance hydraulic doors that are 50' wide and will go in a building with 20' sidewalls. This is a pole building and the poles next to the door will be a 5 ply 2x8. Let me know if you need anything else from me. Thank you Teri B and M supply Clearbrook mn

42 Hello, my name is Jorge Valenzuela and we have a Garage Door and Access Control Solutions in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, we are very interesting on your zero maintenance doos, we have a client who want a Hydraulic Door for a restaurant, and we want to know if it's possible that we can order to you and you can send it to an Storage in San Diego, and if that could be possible, can you send us more info about the zero maintenance system and what info do you require from us? Regards, Jorge

43 I'm looking for a small scale solution to both replace my existing shed door and add an awning. The cost may end up exceeding my needs, but I thought you could at least point me in the right direction for a comparable zero maintenance door product. Love  all of your products. Thanks